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Edward D. Hess

COVID-19 Will Accelerate a ‘New Normal’: Continuous Adaptation

The old normal is history. But the world will not stay still, and technology will advance, its adoption even accelerated due to COVID-19. Ed Hess discusses the need for democratization of technology and its potential to address societal challenges including income inequality, low social mobility, the expense of health care and access to education.

Leading Virtually Is Emotional

The science of collective intelligence is clear: a positive emotional state enables the highest levels of performance. How do we reach that in the midst of social distancing and the anxiety the COVID-19 pandemic breeds? Here: practical steps to create a positive virtual working environment and daily practices to foster emotional connection.

Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age: An Introduction

A tsunami of technology is about to change the way people live and work. In this introduction of the article collection Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age, Professor Ed Hess explains what skills humans need to hone in order to meet the challenges of the near future.

Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age

We are on the leading edge of a Technology Tsunami that will transform how we live and work. In the workplace, humans will need to do the tasks smart technology won’t do well. How do individuals overcome natural cognitive and emotional proclivities in order to excel in uniquely human ways? And what work environment best enables human excellence?

Teamwork: UVA Basketball Coach Tony Bennett’s 5 Pillars of Success

A method in the March Madness: Coach Tony Bennett has built the UVA men’s basketball program on “five pillars.” There may be something to this foundation: With a 29-3 record, the team earned a No. 1 seed for the 2018–19 season. Here, Darden professors elaborate on the pillars and why they work for high-functioning teams on and off the court.

Learn Better Than the Competition: A Learn or Die Lesson

In this video, Darden Professor Ed Hess discusses the science of learning and a new definition of the word “smart.”

Fear: The Big Inhibitor of Innovation and Transformation

Ed Hess discusses how an organization transforms: By helping its people mitigate fear of change. It starts with the right people asking the right questions.