How to Use Collaborative Creativity to Solve Problems and Innovate

By Randy Salzman ,

In these uncertain economic, social and political times, wicked problems — complicated issues with multiple dependent components — have led a growing number of organizations to use collaborative creativity. Human-centered design is more and more seen as an insightful approach in organizations’ problem-solving toolkits. In Designing for Growth and Solving Problems With Design Thinking: 10... CONTINUE READING

Give It a Rest, Part 1: How to Reduce Fatigue and Raise Productivity

By Manel Baucells and Jenny M. Abel

Time to Get Some Rest Rest. It’s perhaps one of the most undervalued, necessary components of human life — especially today, in our 24/7 economy. And by all appearances, resting seems unproductive. But it turns out that resting may be one of the most productive things we do in any given day. Whether you work from home or at an office, new research by Darden Professor Manel Baucells and... CONTINUE READING

Optimizing Innovation in the Age of Digital Technologies: Put People Before Machines

How are digital technologies changing the business landscape? Are new business models disrupting our industry? How can we innovate faster and better? These are questions with which business leaders have wrestled since the world has gone digital. And rightly so. Tech disruption puts many companies in danger of extinction. A study from the John M. Olin School of Business at Washington University... CONTINUE READING

5 Reasons Your Next Job Is Agile

Your job is going to change (if it hasn’t already), and it’s going to be great — better than finding your car magically washed and waxed and in the company parking lot. Your creative potential is about to be unshackled from a centuries-old management paradigm that is no longer relevant to innovative firms (which soon will be the only firms left — but more on that later). You may have... CONTINUE READING

Advice From the Trenches: How to Lead Multicultural Teams

By Kristin J. Behfar and Christina Black

Multicultural teams are rightly extolled for their creative and world-wise solutions. But, as Professor Kristin Behfar’s research has shown, they also come with a unique set of challenges. Any team, regardless of who is on it, might face problems when setting norms for problem-solving, confrontation and deciding how to spend time and resources. But multicultural teams may additionally struggle... CONTINUE READING

Surviving the Digital Age: 4 Corporate Transformations

Disruption Is Coming The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) — machine learning — increased global mobile connectivity, the Internet of Things, heightened computing power, virtual and augmented reality, and nanotechnology will produce a data tsunami that will require most organizations to transform how they do business. The magnitude of the coming disruption is mindboggling. One... CONTINUE READING