The Future of Water

Fresh water is essential for life and commerce, but not always available when, where and how it is needed. Darden experts have a leading role in innovative research, policy advice and education that takes a holistic approach to water management.

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Darden Ideas to Action shares business knowledge — research, analysis and commentary — from faculty and experts of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Can Business Save the Earth?

The Earth is in trouble. Spoiler alert: There are no easy fixes. Many experts — including scientists, policymakers and business leaders — argue that to address sustainability challenges requires innovation on a massive scale. In the environmental crisis, the acceleration and adoption of sustainable technologies could change the game.

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Leadership & Management

Women on Boards: Inclusion vs. Influence

Research shows that corporate boards with gender diversity are more effective than those without. But while the percentage of women on boards has risen, few are reaching positions of power. Professor Kim Whitler and colleague Deborah Henretta discuss the difference between presence and influence.


Innovation for Sustainability

Led by the Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative and leading professors studying sustainability, Darden experts explore what is happening — and what is needed — in business’ efforts to innovate to save the planet.

Global Economies & Markets

Mexico: Doors Needed, Not Walls

Mexico experiences a huge degree of socioeconomic inequality. With a new president, tensions with the U.S., and a new trade deal, will it be able to escape the middle-income trap? Can it grow, be socially progressive, and keep its reputation as business-friendly with global investors?