7 Things to Keep in Mind About the US Economy in 2017

By Richard B. Evans and Edwin Burton and Caroline Newman ,

A new year has dawned, a new president is about to take office and many Americans are wondering how 2017 could affect their bottom line. Predictions abound for the stock market, the housing market, trade and more. The upcoming presidential inauguration brings its own set of question marks, as Wall Street financiers and politicos anticipate changes from President-elect Donald Trump and the... CONTINUE READING

Financial Globalization and the ‘Locust’ Myth

By Pedro Matos and Jenny M. Abel ,

Foreign Investors: Bane or Boon? In a world of increased financial globalization, foreign investors have a bad reputation in some circles, sometimes being labeled “locusts” for what’s been seen as their plaguing effect on local companies and economies. But new research by Darden School of Business Professor Pedro Matos and three colleagues may soon turn that idea on its head. The... CONTINUE READING

The Rise of the Smart Machine Age and the Need for a New Story on the Purpose of Business

How we think about, and live out, the purpose of business matters a great deal — not just in businesses, but also in larger societal conversations about democracy, the environment, income inequality, the American Dream and creating the kinds of regulations necessary to manage our economy. According to many experts, we are on the verge of a major technological revolution — cutting across... CONTINUE READING

The JOBS Act: A Mixed Picture

By Susan Chaplinsky and Katherine Bowers

Because they spur the creation of jobs, IPOs have historically been important drivers of growth for the U.S. economy. But in the mid-2000s, going public lost some of its luster. The earlier dot-com correction, Enron collapse and wave of corporate financial scandals triggered a regulatory cascade of new protections, which imposed more stringent standards on public companies. Small company IPOs... CONTINUE READING

Beyond Competitive Dynamics: From ‘Winner Take All’ to ‘Lifting All Boats’

By Ming-Jer Chen and Mary Summers Whittle

“For decades, scholars have thought about business competition in terms similar to those of a sports contest — almost like a boxing match,” says Ming-Jer Chen, Leslie E. Grayson Professor of Business Administration at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and a leading expert on competitive dynamics. “The language they have tended to use — words like ‘attack,’... CONTINUE READING

Power and Social Advantage: The Vicious Cycle and What to Do About It

By Peter Belmi and Christina Black

Darden Professor Peter Belmi is driven to understand why inequality persists — why the data do not support the idea of the American Dream. “It’s what gets me up in the morning,” he says. And it is both a moral and a business problem, since “encouraging diversity in upper-level positions can be fruitful for organizations.” Belmi’s recent work found that class-based inequality... CONTINUE READING