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4 Vaccine Rollout Challenges and Recommendations

One of the most complicated mass mobilizations and product distribution launches the world has ever attempted, the COVID19 vaccine is the most effective tool to getting the world out of this pandemic. Professor Vivian Riefberg addresses 4 challenges of the vaccine rollout.

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What’s Next for the Fed Amid White House Transition, New COVID Restrictions?

It’s a pivotal moment for the U.S. and global economies, and the U.S. Federal Reserve holds a key position of influence. Professor Frank Warnock, a former Fed economist and current research adviser with the Fed, discusses the tools available and possible next steps for the Fed as the Biden administration steps in.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Creating more diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations requires leaders to continuously learn how to create and sustain fairness, vibrancy and productivity among a mix of stakeholders in the service of making an organization better. Darden experts provide actionable insights on this deeply complex and rewarding leadership practice.



The novel coronavirus has spread around the world rapidly. What can be learned from countries already confronting outbreaks? And how do organizations, employees and leaders function in a world in which operations must continue but face-to-face may be impossible — the grand and growing telework experiment?


Global Economic Outlook

The global economy is an extremely complex machine. From economists to data scientists, Darden experts keep an eye on the world and follow the trade winds to ensure that business leaders can forecast the brewing storms before they hit.