A Bird in Hand: Founding a Sustainable Business in Ghana

UVA Darden Professor Saras Sarasvathy is on a mission to revolutionize entrepreneurship education. Beginning almost 20 years ago with groundbreaking research into the cognitive processes of seasoned entrepreneurs, she has sought to dispel the myth that entrepreneurs are born, not made. Through her work, she has identified a distinct logic that underlies entrepreneurial behavior. She dubbed it... CONTINUE READING

The Coming Financial Crisis

Another global financial crisis will come eventually, although when and why the next great downturn will begin remains an unknown. So far, regulatory efforts have not eliminated the sources of financial instability. Professor and Dean Emeritus Bob Bruner does not claim to prognosticate, but he does note that by considering a series of precipitating factors, the careful student may be able to... CONTINUE READING

5 Tips for Voicing Values in the #MeToo Era

While most organizations have policies and processes in place for responding to sexual harassment offenses, there are many instances of behaviors or comments that may not rise to the level of such offenses but are nevertheless uncomfortable, counterproductive and potentially part of a path toward reportable offenses. People in all organizations are sometimes hesitant to stand up to sexist... CONTINUE READING

Washington DC Gives Water a Makeover

Flint, Michigan, has become nearly synonymous for “water crisis” in this country. Thanks to a combination of ancient infrastructure and insufficient water treatments, four years ago Flint citizens were suddenly exposed to high levels of lead when the city switched their main water source. While this ongoing crisis is by far the most egregious example of a public water catastrophe (and one... CONTINUE READING

Put the Pieces Together: How We Save the Earth

In their book, Can Business Save the Earth? Innovating Our Way to Sustainability, Darden Professor Michael Lenox and Fuqua Professor Aaron Chatterji outline how multiple stakeholders can play roles in addressing the environmental crisis. The below excerpt addresses how several of those players — of many — can take action to be part of the solution. Can business save the Earth? The answer... CONTINUE READING

Making the Ask, Part 2: Practical Steps to Entrepreneurial Expertise

The proceeding expands upon Making the Ask, Part 1: The Key to Entrepreneurial Success, which introduces the importance of the effectual ask to entrepreneurship. As Steve Jobs recalled in a 1994 interview, when he was 12 years old he asked Bill Hewlett, cofounder of the tech giant HP, for spare parts to build a frequency counter. Jobs didn’t know Hewlett personally, but he found his number... CONTINUE READING