Consumer Pokénomics: Go-Time for Virtual Reality

By Lalin Anik and Katherine Bowers

Pokémon Go was a smash hit this summer. But did it also provide a glimpse into the future of consumer marketing? For Darden Professor Lalin Anik, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” At a recent talk for the Darden Marketing Club, Anik used insights from economics, psychology and marketing to decode why Pokémon Go became the world’s fastest-growing, most used and highest-grossing app.... CONTINUE READING

The 4 Es: The CEO Is the Chief Enabling Officer

In a previous article, I introduced the 4 Es Model of Leadership (Engage, Embrace, Excel and Enable) as the leadership principles that would facilitate the highest levels of human performance in the Smart Machine Age (SMA). In the SMA, human beings will be needed to do those tasks that technology won’t be able to do well. For knowledge workers, that will be critical, creative and innovative... CONTINUE READING

VW Emissions and the 3 Factors That Drive Ethical Breakdown

By Luann J. Lynch and Carlos Santos

Darden Professor Luann Lynch peeked under Volkswagen’s hood to determine just how Germany’s premier car maker managed to destroy its once sterling reputation. Her case study titled The Volkswagen Emissions Scandal, co-authored with former Darden students Elizabeth Bird and Cameron Cutro (both MBA ’16), suggests that a combination of autocratic leadership and lack of both controls and... CONTINUE READING

Ambiculturalism: Differences in Harmony

Kevin Tsi, a native of Taiwan, joined a U.S. based company after earning his MBA and proving himself in Silicon Valley. A young professional in demand, he was recruited to lead a team in the tech company’s most important project. Welcoming him at a project-wide meeting, the senior project manager listed his many achievements as part of his introduction. But Tsi was coming from a culture in... CONTINUE READING

Three Things: Finding Happiness at Work

Generosity has been shown to improve happiness not only for those receiving it, but also those giving it. And this is true not only in people’s personal lives, but also their professional lives. Financial generosity, whether charity or the giving of gifts, spreads happiness for the recipient and the giver. Research shows that when employees are given bonuses to spend on gifts for one... CONTINUE READING

Markdown Management: In Pursuit of the Optimal Discount

By Manel Baucells and Katherine Bowers

Will your customers buy an item immediately? Or hold out for a sale? If they’re waiting, what can you do to spur a purchase? In new research, Darden Professor Manel Baucells argues that retailers can grow profits by cutting prices sooner and more deeply than conventional modeling suggests. Baucells’ model, called dPTT (discount, probability and time trade-off,) accounts for how... CONTINUE READING