AI Powered Marketing: A 5-Stage Path to Success

In an AI-powered economy, characterized by sweeping technological advancements and fast-changing customer preferences, brands face a complex challenge. To survive, they need to build AI and machine learning into their marketing toolkits. Professor Rajkumar Venkatesan’s AI Marketing Canvas can help guide them through that that process.

A Silver Lining: 5 Advantages of Working Virtually

Remote work has its challenges. And research shows that we tend to focus on what we are losing in the midst of change. But as we see the picture of the new take shape, we can positively and proactively see benefits to our situations. Here, experts discuss five advantages of remote work, which we can embrace if we move with intention.

How Barriers Faced by Female Entrepreneurs Impact Us All and Stifle the Global Economy

The glass ceiling exists around the world. In this podcast, Professor Gaurav Chiplunkar discusses his new research on the barriers faced by female entrepreneurs in developing countries, how their challenges harm the entire economy, and what business leaders and policymakers can do about it.

The Food Supply Chain: Weak Links Amid COVID-19

Lean principles have helped successful companies optimize operations and eliminate inefficiencies. Used as a tool, the methodology can create significant value for multiple stakeholders, including consumers. But the COVID-19 pandemic brought into stark relief the vulnerability of food supply chains in major shocks.

Businesses as Stewards and Stakeholders: A Report of the Surgeon General

The health of Americans is worse than that of populations of other wealthy nations. The U.S.’ lower health status inflicts costs on individuals, families, businesses and society, all of which are interdependent — as are community health and economic prosperity. What strategies can ensure that vital conditions are met for all Americans?

The Stakeholder Podcast: Project Management

Professor Ed Freeman’s new The Stakeholder Podcast features interviews with some of the world’s best theorists, policy makers, scholars, authors, and practitioners of stakeholder thinking. In a recent episode, Professor Yael Grushka-Cockayne shares what stakeholder theory has to do with her research and teaching and project management.

Giving Voice to Values: A Glimpse of the Origin Story

Many of us want to act in alignment with our values, but it’s often easier said than done. Giving Voice to Values (GVV) is an innovative approach to standing up for values under pressure. Here, GVV pioneer Mary Gentile shares a portion of her journey in finding the answer to “Once I know what I believe is right, how can I enact it effectively?”

Balancing Stakeholders Amid Controversy

The goal of social justice movements is to bring about deep institutional and community change, and it’s unavoidable that such a massive mission would spark intense debates. But what happens when people bring that passion to the workplace? Leaders need to be prepared for how to handle sensitive emotional issues among organizational stakeholders.

Wisdom From Female Experts at Darden

As we close Women’s History Month, some of Darden’s many female faculty experts share wisdom on leadership and business. Here they offer guidance in advancing to leadership positions, creating trust, race in the workplace, leading mindfully through crisis and supporting female entrepreneurs in emerging economies.

The Decarbonization Imperative: How the Entire Economy Can Meet the Climate Moment

Professor Mike Lenox and Senior Researcher Becky Duff at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business talk with the Batten Institute’s Sean Carr about their new book on what it will take to decarbonize the economy. Not just one sector. Every sector. And their insights have big implications for every business leader, investor and policymaker