Time to Stress Test Supply Chains?

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has hit global trade and investment with devastating force and speed. Why did the world fail to learn the lessons of SARS, H1N1 or other major disruptions? What’s behind the fragility in supply chains that can derail global trade and transactions when the unexpected strikes? How can we guard against future shocks?

Pandemic Pivoting: 4 Advertising Trends in Turbulent Times

How Jeep and Bill Murray responded to a pandemic: a popular Super Bowl commercial for an SUV reincarnated as a message encouraging consumers to stay home and off the road. Here are an expert marketer’s observations of how brands shifted when faced with an integral shift in the way the world did business and people lived their lives.

Post-COVID: An Opportunity for a Greener Future

COVID-19 is a disaster for public health and the economy. Yet there may be a glimmer of a silver lining for the natural environment: By year end, the globe may see the biggest dip in carbon emissions on record. Investment in next-generation clean energy now could restore jobs, provide new ones, drive economic growth and lock in environmental gains.

Is COVID-19 Accelerating Automation? Lessons for the Advent of AI

Long before the coronavirus pandemic, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) were already causing unprecedented changes in work and business. Now, the world’s top thinkers on the economics of AI — Daron Acemoğlu, Diane Coyle, and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz — are drawing new lessons from today’s crisis.

Underfunded Pensions: 5 Big Questions Revealing Why Everyone Should Care

Darden Professor James Naughton calls the situation facing multiemployer pensions — plans in which workers from various employers pay into a single plan — a disaster, largely due to a combination of inadequate funding and risky investing. The impact of the chronic underfunding could be far-reaching.

Black Lives Matter and Business: A Defining Moment?

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd and national protests for racial justice, businesses and leaders are working to embrace a defining moment for racial equality.

Small Business Survival: The Impact of Payment Terms

While the long-term economic consequences of the pandemic are unclear, we do know that many small businesses are struggling, particularly vulnerable because of how they’re financed — especially minority-owned small businesses, which are more likely to be denied loans and pay higher interest rates. How to boost their chances? Shorter pay terms.

Giving Voice to Values: COVID-19 Conflicts, Creative Solutions and Collaboration

In a world beset by the COVID-19 pandemic, we face situations that test our deepest values. And when a threat to personal safety triggers the fight or flight response, our values-based decision-making is at greater risk. Mary Gentile’s Giving Voice to Values framework can help prepare us to be our best selves in trying times.

Leveraging Uncertainty During The Pandemic: Lessons From Expert Entrepreneurs

While the future has always been unpredictable, the global uncertainty caused by the novel coronavirus is at a record high. To help us steer through this unprecedented crisis, Professor Saras Sarasvathy shares insights on entrepreneurial decision-making and offers four strategies seasoned founders use to turn uncertainty into opportunity.

Responsible Business Without Trade-Offs: 5 Key Ideas

A revolution in the way we understand business: It can and should seek to improve the state of the world. In an excerpt from their forthcoming book, Darden Professors R. Edward Freeman and Bidhan L. Parmar, experts in stakeholder theory, discuss models for businesses not solely driven by profit maximization.