Does Anyone Win in a US-China Trade War?

Darden Professor Dennis Yang and Chinese economist Dr. Ha Jiming examine the factors that could influence trade talks between China and the U.S. ahead of a critical deadline for a deal, and predict possible fallout for the global economy if a trade war escalates.

Digital Learning and Values-Driven Leadership: Why It Works

Why might the digital space be a better place to practice how we can be ready to voice our values? Darden Professor Mary Gentile and Debra Newcomer of Nomadic Learning offer insights on the importance of values-driven leadership development and leveraging online tools.

Effective Management: Know-How vs. Leadership

As companies become technologies businesses, due to digital disruption, what type of leader is most effective? Darden Professor Roshni Raveendhran and USC Marshall Professor Kyle Mayer examined when leaders with strong technical competence or excellent managerial ability are effective and not so effective.

Insights Into Improving the Practice of Supply-Chain Public-Private Partnerships

The sourcing, manufacturing and logistics within corporate supply chains can benefit from partnerships with governments and nonprofit organizations. These joint endeavors support a range of social and business objectives by employing the expertise and assets of multiple sectors.

Airbnb and the Value of Values

To what degree are platform businesses responsible for the actions of their users? This case study examines the action Airbnb took in response to the information that neo-Nazis planned to use its platform to accommodate attendees of the “United the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Considering Fed Actions in ‘Messy’ Times

As January draws to a close, the U.S economy finds itself in uncharted territory, with conventional measures of strength such as the low unemployment rate and increasing wage growth juxtaposed with a topsy-turvy stock market, its longest-ever government shutdown and a U.S. president openly pillorying actions of the Federal Reserve Board.

A Big Year For IPOS: What You Need To Know

2019 is projected to be a landmark year for initial public offerings of stock, even with the current turbulence in the market. Professor Susan Chaplinsky talks about how these IPOs could affect the stock market, which closed 2018 with a dramatic downturn.

Does a Crisis Lurk in the Shadows?

Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management Director Aaron Fernstrom (GEMBA ’15) explores the rapidly growing — and essentially unregulated — shadow banking market.

AI and the Future of Work

In a recent paper, University of Virginia Darden School of Business Professor Anton Korinek presents the thought experiment as a part of a broader consideration meant to put society’s increasingly codependent relationship with technology into context.

Is Venmo Making You Less Likable?

What's the value of 10 cents in terms of friendship? It could be more than you think. Applications like Venmo may add ease to life and precision, but sometimes that precision implies pettiness, making relationships feel transactional. Here's the research behind it.