Dennis Yang

Dennis T. Yang

Dale S. Coenen Free Enterprise Professor of Business Administration

Yang is an expert on China — its labor markets, financial systems and phenomenal growth, which have made it an economic contender. His broader research expertise includes economic development and growth, comparative economic systems, as well as labor and demographic economics in the context of emerging markets. A native of China, Yang has co-edited three books on economic reforms in China and served on the editorial boards of China Economic ReviewComparative Economic StudiesJournal of Demographic Economicsand Pacific Economic Review.

His wide-ranging research covers household behavior, education, savings and investment, wage structure, population policies, trade and labor markets, income distribution, analysis of famines, economic structural transformation and long-term growth.

He has consulted with international organizations such as the World Bank and Hong Kong Monetary Authority, as well as leading businesses such as The Conference Board and McKinsey. He is president of the Association for Comparative Economic Studies, and he was recently elected by the Ministry of Education in China to the Chang Jiang Chair Professorship.

B.A., University of California at Los Angeles; Ph.D., University of Chicago


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Ozlem Yildiz

Ozlem Yildiz

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Yildiz's research is focused on the economics of and process improvements in service systems, health care operations management, economic incentives and regulation and policy design. Primarily, her research concentrates on alleviating the congestion in service systems through designing payment schemes and process improvements, particularly in health care settings.

Yildz serves as a reviewer for several journals, including Management ScienceOperations Research and Production and Operations Management. Prior to joining Darden, she taught at the MBA and Executive MBA programs of Simon Business School and London Business School in Rochester, London and Dubai.  

B.S., Middle East Technical University; M.S., Ph.D., University of Rochester Simon Business School

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