The High Stakes of the CEO as Public Face of Your Company

Not so long ago, CEOs were not the public face of their companies. But in the age of always-on media and the rise of superstar chief executives, CEOs must constantly give voice to the organizations they lead. Professor June West and Steve Soltis share what it takes for a CEO to succeed as a communicator.

Feeding a Growing Planet in a Warming Age: Decarbonizing the Agriculture Industry

Becky Duff discusses the largest sources of GHG emissions – livestock farming and soil management – and explores the best practices and technologies that support carbon-smart farming. She also discusses the levers and opportunities in more detail with Darden Professor Mike Lenox.

Entrepreneurship and the US Economy: Concerns and Implications

Sean Carr, executive director of the Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, speaks with Professor John Haltiwanger from the University of Maryland, whose research has played a major role in our understanding the determinants of firm-level job creation, job destruction, firm dynamics and economic performance.

Decarbonizing the Industrial Manufacturing Sector

We focus on the three largest emitters of CO2 – steel, cement, and petrochemicals – and explore some of the ideas and technologies best positioned to decarbonize these industries, and the challenges faced for broader adoption. We then discuss the levers and opportunities in the industrial sector with Darden Professor Mike Lenox.

Decarbonizing the Electric Utility Industry

This podcast reviews four zero-carbon emission generation sources and technologies that could lead us into the clean energy future – hydropower, nuclear energy, wind, and solar. Followed by a discussion on levers and opportunities for solar and wind adoption .

Decarbonizing the Automobile Industry

This podcast tells the story of the electric car and the market conditions and innovations that have paved the way for electric cars today, followed with an interview with Darden Professor Mike Lenox, an expert in business innovation and strategy and co-author on the report titled Path to 2060: Decarbonization of the Automobile Industry.