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Doug Thomas

Supply Chain Resiliency

Professor Doug Thomas discusses supply chain and argues that executives’ focus must shift to balance the historical commitment to efficiency with a renewed commitment to resiliency.

The Food Supply Chain: Weak Links Amid COVID-19

Lean principles have helped successful companies optimize operations and eliminate inefficiencies. Used as a tool, the methodology can create significant value for multiple stakeholders, including consumers. But the COVID-19 pandemic brought into stark relief the vulnerability of food supply chains in major shocks.

Time to Stress Test Supply Chains?

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has hit global trade and investment with devastating force and speed. Why did the world fail to learn the lessons of SARS, H1N1 or other major disruptions? What’s behind the fragility in supply chains that can derail global trade and transactions when the unexpected strikes? How can we guard against future shocks?

Principles and Purpose: A Statement on Stakeholders

A group of prominent CEOs recently issued a statement encouraging business to create value for all stakeholders, not limited to investors. Ed Freeman and his colleagues have been working with Stakeholder Theory for decades. Here, Darden professors across disciplines offer examples of how businesses can (or already are) prioritizing stakeholders.

It’s All Goodio: Is Business Transparency Delicious?

Artisanal chocolatier Goodio’s tagline, “It’s all good,” represents its drive to succeed economically and in a socially responsible manner. The company serves as a case in point on how to embrace “radical transparency” in its efforts toward sustainability, nutrient preservation, and economic stability for farmers and employees.