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Luca Cian

Marketing Marked Improvement: Credibility and the Promise of Change

Weight loss aids, teeth whiteners, hair-growth serums: When marketing personal improvement products, advertisements often highlight dramatically different “before” and “after” photos —it seems intuitive consumers would be motivated by results, not the time and effort it takes to get them. But research shows the reality may not be so intuitive.

Keeping Score: The Effects of Rating Customers

Customer ratings systems can provide valuable data to firms, identifying customers they don’t want to keep, motivating others to behave well and even safeguarding the well-being of employees. But just as poor customer behavior affects the poor ratings they get, do those ratings in turn affect their behavior — or misbehavior?

Word of Mouth vs. Word of Machine: Marketers, AI and the Customer Experience

What is the word-of-machine effect? Professor Luca Cian writes for Harvard Business Review (TAG) on his recent research highlighting when people prefer AI recommendations over human ones.

Dynamic Signs for the Times: Prevent Injury and Engage Customers

Darden Professor Luca Cian’s research shows that when a static image implies movement, it’s more likely make an observer inclined to act.

Positioning Your Positioning: High Rationality and Low Emotion

Vertical position matters in marketing communications. Recent research shows a new finding about verticality: Deciding whether to place promotional content higher or lower is especially important when the appeal of a product — from sports cars, food items and health care products to any number of tangible or intangible