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Bidhan L. Parmar

Seems Legit: How Phishing Scams Hijack Our Systems of Trust

Phishing scams: The same instincts and signals people use consciously or unconsciously to establish trust in the “real” world are the very same that get us into trouble online. Such vulnerability is due to the very nature of how human beings make judgment calls when it comes to trust. Understanding why we’re at risk is the first step.

How Leaders Can Build Resilience in Teams

Since the pandemic hit, there is more of an imperative than ever to build real organizational and personal resilience. The tools that prove most useful in doing so include purpose, engagement and leadership behaviors — like modeling interpersonal human relatedness and personal growth after adversity.

This Moment in Time: Responsible Capitalism

Despite interest in responsible capitalism, promises on stakeholder value are being tested as COVID-19 scars economies across the globe. Professor Parmar sees a mixture of tensions — including matters of health and safety, stresses of pandemic life, issues of justice and equality — as the acid test for companies’ commitment to the stakeholder model

Data Matters: 4 Workplace Functions

Darden experts offer some examples of varied workplace functions on which data analytics can have massive impact. It serves, drives and can lead to wild (though methodically so) success in multiple and varied areas of an organization. 

Responsible Business Without Trade-Offs: 5 Key Ideas

A revolution in the way we understand business: It can and should seek to improve the state of the world. In an excerpt from their forthcoming book, Darden Professors R. Edward Freeman and Bidhan L. Parmar, experts in stakeholder theory, discuss models for businesses not solely driven by profit maximization.

The Critical Role of Ethical Considerations: 5 Insights From Darden Faculty

These insights from Darden Ideas to Action articles unveil the value of ethical considerations from a variety of standpoints and in a variety of sectors. They contain lessons for business leaders, employees and consumers.

Doing Well While Doing Good: 5 Lessons on Empowered Consumers and Responsible Business

In an age in which the public is actively invested in the values of a company and reputations can change abruptly, corporate responsibility is both a moral and business imperative. Here, Darden experts offer insights on corporate social responsibility and the evolving relationship of business and society.

Airbnb and the Value of Values

To what degree are platform businesses responsible for the actions of their users? This case study examines the action Airbnb took in response to the information that neo-Nazis planned to use its platform to accommodate attendees of the “United the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Importance of Organizational Context

Professor Bidhan Parmar gives business leaders useful tips for implementing change.