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Joseph W. Harder

Put On Your Own Mask First: Energy and Leadership in Challenging Times

A leader’s job is to manage energy: their own, their reports’ and their organization’s. Virtual work poses additional challenges around all of these, especially as issues of trust and credibility have nuances obfuscated by the absence of face-to-face meetings. Professor Joe Harder provides insights on overcoming such challenges.

Is Your Organization Coronavirus Agile? 10 Tips

COVID-19 has sent us into a grand and growing telework experience. How do organizations, employees and leaders function in a world in which operations must continue but face-to-face may be impossible? Included: alternatives to in-person communication and physical contact, developing relationships virtually, and managing yourself and productivity.

The Career Pivot: 6 Lessons for the New Employee

Starting new jobs doesn’t just mean showing expertise or knowhow; it means entering new relationships, and how we handle people can affect the newbie and the organization. Professor Joe Harder offers tips on how to gracefully enter a new role and establish oneself as a valuable colleague.

4 by 4: Balance in Life and Learning

Substantial, transformative change requires deep, holistic learning. Darden Professor Joseph W. Harder examines four aspects of self, four approaches to learning and four critical elements of building a learning-conducive environment in this age of rapid change. It all adds up to improved organizational success and quality of life

Principles and Purpose: A Statement on Stakeholders

A group of prominent CEOs recently issued a statement encouraging business to create value for all stakeholders, not limited to investors. Ed Freeman and his colleagues have been working with Stakeholder Theory for decades. Here, Darden professors across disciplines offer examples of how businesses can (or already are) prioritizing stakeholders.

Graduating to the Next Level: 5 Leadership Lessons for New Graduates (and Anyone Else)

Darden Ideas to Action offers words of wisdom from six experts for graduates (and anyone else) on how real people with a real sense of purpose can make the workplace more productive, responsible and, well, happy.

Bringing the Workplace to Life

We’re in a new era in the history of business. The old bureaucratic-machine paradigm isn’t enough for success anymore, and today’s fast-changing economy requires a new framework for the workplace. Here’s what to do to balance changing workplace culture and maintain productivity so organizations and their people can thrive.