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Mental Accounting: Debt, Financial Nihilism and the Comfortably Numb Effect

Student Loan

How is debt like dieting? Akin to dieters who “cheat” and then keep indulging for the day, people with high debt can become numb to costs and keep spending. Research on the psychological effects of high student-loan debt explores the phenomenon and offers recommendations for regulatory change. 


4 by 4: Balance in Life and Learning

Balancing Life

As the information age spurs an accelerating pace of change in the workplace, people and organizations can keep up by showing adaptability — the ability to learn. Here, a Darden professor takes a holistic approach to the kind of deep learning that can lead to nimbleness at work and enhanced quality of life.


The ‘Streaming Wars’: 5 Big Questions on Netflix, Disney Plus and the Future of Online Video

Streaming Wars

Disney Plus debuts in November. An increasingly crowded competitive landscape, the use of data to anticipate customer needs and a flood of original content add up to evolution in the streaming entertainment landscape. What does the future hold for an industry Netflix has dominated?


Leadership: A Primer


Art or science? Nature or nurture? Effective leadership is essential to progress in both business and society. But what is leadership really, what makes it work well, and how can it be developed? It’s time to correct some misperceptions about the skills and processes that make for effective leadership.


Reimagining Agriculture: A Q&A With Beanstalk Farm


The global population is projected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050; that’s a lot of mouths to feed. What if we could produce food that’s healthy, locally sourced, consistent, pesticide-free and eco-friendly? Vertical farms respond to the food production and sustainability needs of the consumer and the planet.

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