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The CEO-CFO Relationship and Executive Compensation

CEO CFO Relationship

Sixty percent of the time, a new CFO is hired soon after a CEO. Are those CFOs pressured to report earnings in ways that affect CEO pay? Research examines these C-suite relationships and what they could mean for a firm's long-term health.

How to Design for Real Race-Intelligent Inclusion

Diversity Inclusion

Do diversity and inclusion efforts do what they’re intended to? Because creating a climate of inclusion is an inherently ambiguous task, how organizations undertake it matters. Here are practices that can move the needle from “well-meaning” to genuinely inclusive.

Learn to Code? Yes, Actually: 5 Big Questions on Coding


The journey from idea to design to code: answers to big questions on coding as a job skill of the future, the importance of the differences between flavors of coding, “solving for awesome” in the digital world and how it’s really about creative confidence.

The High Stakes of the CEO as Public Face of Your Company

communications council

PODCAST: In the age of always-on media, CEOs find themselves the public faces of their companies, giving voice to the organization’s strategy, performance and values. What does it take to successfully communicate in this rapidly changing leadership role?

The Career Pivot: 6 Lessons for the New Employee

career pivot

Starting a new job doesn’t just mean demonstrating expertise; it means entering new relationships, and how one handles people can affect the newbie and the organization. How do career switchers gracefully establish themselves as valuable colleagues?

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