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Lili Powell

Leadership Kindness

Darden Professor Lili Powell shares her insights on leadership kindness and the important opportunity for leading mindfully.

Wisdom From Female Experts at Darden

As we close Women’s History Month, some of Darden’s many female faculty experts share wisdom on leadership and business. Here they offer guidance in advancing to leadership positions, creating trust, race in the workplace, leading mindfully through crisis and supporting female entrepreneurs in emerging economies.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion: Foundations and the Future

The social unrest of 2020 brought new attention to long-simmering issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the U.S. and around the globe, and prompted many to seek to learn more about longstanding societal inequities — and potential paths forward. Six Darden professors deliver their thoughts and share additional thought leadership.

Leading Mindfully: COVID-19 and the Big Human Pivot, Part 3

If the COVID-19 crisis triggered health, economic, social and psychological changes that mean we will be living and working through destabilizing moments now and for the foreseeable future, all the more reason now to adopt and practice essential skills of Leading Mindfully. How should we start thinking in new ways that better represent reality?

Leading Mindfully: COVID-19 and the Big Human Pivot, Part 2

In times of crisis, leaders need to watch out for at least two leadership blind spots: One involves overreacting, one denial — a “suck it up” approach can be valorized in certain work cultures. Here are practical actions to tame such impulses and bring greater clarity, calm and goodwill in a moment when how you show up as a leader really counts.

Leading Mindfully: COVID-19 and the Big Human Pivot, Part I

What’s novel about COVID-19 isn’t just the coronavirus. It’s the sheer scale and depth of The Big Human Pivot that this tiny infectious particle has triggered. In unprecedented times, what can you do to lead mindfully through it? In this series, Lili Powell introduces a Leading Mindfully strategy: “see it, name it, tame it and reclaim it.”

Graduating to the Next Level: 5 Leadership Lessons for New Graduates (and Anyone Else)

Darden Ideas to Action offers words of wisdom from six experts for graduates (and anyone else) on how real people with a real sense of purpose can make the workplace more productive, responsible and, well, happy.

The ABCS of Mindful Interaction

The more in control of yourself you are, the more likely you are to have constructive conversations. Darden Professor Lili Powell offers three techniques for mindful engagement to keep you self-possessed, whether in routine conversations or high-stakes interactions.