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Andrew C. Wicks

A Stakeholder Approach to Fighting Malaria in Equitorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea struggled with malaria for years. The Bioko Island Malaria Elimination Project, a public-private partnership with a stakeholder perspective, has tackled the problem, leading to medical innovation, improved health of inhabitants and increased infrastructure and productivity.

Doing Well While Doing Good: 5 Lessons on Empowered Consumers and Responsible Business

In an age in which the public is actively invested in the values of a company and reputations can change abruptly, corporate responsibility is both a moral and business imperative. Here, Darden experts offer insights on corporate social responsibility and the evolving relationship of business and society.

Unethical Moves From MoviePass

After several changes to its business model related to its service and fees (some more transparent than others), and a recent decision to automatically restore the subscriptions of customers who had previously opted out of the service, MoviePass has been under fire.

The Rise of the Smart Machine Age and the Need for a New Story on the Purpose of Business

How we think about, and live out, the purpose of business matters a great deal — not just in businesses, but also in larger societal conversations about democracy, the environment, income inequality, the American Dream and creating the kinds of regulations necessary to manage our economy.

The CEO Is a Good Guy. Trust Me.

Here’s something that won’t surprise you. The public doesn’t trust Big Business. Or Medium Business. Or even Little Business for that matter — at least not as institutions.