What ‘Social Class Transitioners’ Bring to the Workplace

Connecting with diverse people to improve relationships, facilitating information flow, increasing coordination and reducing conflict — people who move between socioeconomic classes can offer a special skill set.  

social class

First: Do No Harm. Second: Strategize for Stakeholders After You Do.

When the actions of a firm are perceived as harmful by stakeholders, it destroys value for all involved. How then should firms respond? Here’s a stakeholder framework for analyzing potential strategies and factors to consider.


Get on Track: The Value of Global Market Diversification

At a time when markets are increasingly isolated globally and limit opportunities to invest abroad, new research examines what investors are willing to pay to gain access to investment in foreign markets.

global market

Race and Leadership: The Black Experience in the Workplace

Authenticity tension, lack of engagement, contested authority: How do black leaders overcome challenges and effect change? Drawn from the book she co-edited, Laura Morgan Roberts discusses the reality of the black experience.

race and leadership

The Rise of Social Robots: How AI Can Help Us Flourish

Not us versus them: A new generation of social robots can encourage human flourishing. Read on for insights and examples shared at the Psychology of Technology Conference co-hosted by Darden’s Batten Institute.

social robots