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Rajkumar Venkatesan

Under the Influence: Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a key way to engage potential customers, build loyalty and drive a message to a larger market in an organic way. Darden marketing experts provide insights for aspiring influencers and marketers eager to analyze their effect.

Artificial Intelligence: Marketing’s New Moment of Truth

Darden Professor Rajkumar Venkatesan proposes four steps for marketers to develop an AI “canvas,” through which they can deploy machine learning technologies to compete for customer attention.

5 Keys to Creating an A1 Analytics Culture

How successful firms use data: Car insurance comparison site drove completion rates thanks to its analysis of customer behavior and web traffic. It serves as a case in point on the five key traits of organizations with exceptional cultures of experimentation.

Customer Engagement: 4 Types and New Maps

To compete effectively in a fast-paced environment, companies are realizing they need to build deeper attachments with customers. They want customers who will do more than just shop — who will influence others, make referrals and even co-create new products.

Using Big Data: 3 Reasons It Fails and 4 Ways to Make It Work

Darden Professors Raj Venkatesan and Kim Whitler have found, in their research, seven key lessons that apply to all companies, whether they are “native” in data analytics or have transitioned into it.

Sanitation Marketing Systems in Bangladesh: A Public-Private Partnership

Sanitation Marketing Systems in Bangladesh was a finalist for the annual P3 Impact Award, which recognizes leading public-private partnerships that improve communities around the world.

The Value of a Lifetime: Get and Keep the Right Customers

Customer lifetime value, or CLV, refers to the single lump-sum value a firm can presently apply to future cash flows derived from a customer relationship and is a critical metric in an age of ubiquitous subscription services.

How to Connect Analytics to Strategy to Avoid the Big Data Bridge to Nowhere

To transform into an organization that effectively bridges strategy and data analysis so that big data starts influencing execution, Professor Raj Venkatesan recommends businesses follow “five enablers of the data driven process.”