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Leveraging Difference

Sponsoring Women in the #MeToo Era

Darden’s Martin Davidson and Lisa Cannell discuss the difference between mentoring and sponsoring women — and the importance of leveraging difference at work.

5 Tips for Voicing Values in the #MeToo Era

Professor Mary Gentile’s Giving Voice to Values (GVV) work delves into how we can tackle values issues. Here, she and Lisa Cannell offer insights to help women and men respond to unintended or uninformed — but nevertheless problematic — behaviors before they rise to the level of reporting offenses.

Women on Boards: Inclusion vs. Influence

Research shows that corporate boards with gender diversity are more effective than those without. But while the percentage of women on boards has risen, few are reaching positions of power. Professor Kim Whitler and colleague Deborah Henretta discuss the difference between presence and influence.

Advice From the Trenches: How to Lead Multicultural Teams

Multicultural teams are rightly extolled for their creative and world-wise solutions. But they also come with a unique set of challenges.

6 Strategies for Resolving — and Preventing — Workplace Conflict

Professor Kristin Behfar sat down with UVA Today to share six tips for doing away with — or at least minimizing — the day-to-day frustrations that crop up despite our best intentions.

Credit Where Credit Is Due: Creating Teams Without a Self-Serving Bias

As employees spend an ever-growing proportion of their time in teams at the workplace, companies and psychologists the world over have long been trying to decode the ideal mix of individual qualifications and group traits that make those teams operate as optimally as possible.

The Meaning of Demeaning: Social Identity Threats and Deviant Behavior

How do people respond to social identity threats — circumstances under which people think they may be devalued simply because of their social identity (ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation) or membership in a particular group?

Everybody’s Biased, So I Can Be Too

How can businesses tackle a seemingly intractable problem such as stereotyping? Leaders have to structure processes correctly to weed out bias.