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Impact Investing

Investing Responsibly: ESG and the Well-Intentioned Investor

No matter how one refers to it — “ESG” (environmental, social and governance), “responsible” or “sustainable” investing — the world is paying increased attention to investment decisions that include nonfinancial factors. Research examines if investment managers invest their clients’ capital as responsibly as they pledge to.

The Impact of an Impact Bond: Improving Health and Sanitation in Cambodia

The Cambodia Rural Sanitation Development Impact Bond combines private and public capital with on-the-ground implementation expertise and market-based solutions to improve health and accelerate the Royal Government of Cambodia’s goal of universal sanitation. A finalist for the P3 Impact Award, it’s a public-private partnership changing the world.

Netflix, $100 Million and Black-Owned Banks

Netflix is investing $100 million in financial institutions that support Black-owned banks and Black communities. This investment isn’t just socially responsible in fueling opportunity; research shows that Black-owned banks outperform non-minority-owned peers. How does that reconcile with data that imply decline in success? Lack of initial assets.

Community-Led, Sustainable Development in Mexico

Grassroots organizations are engines for transformation but lack stable funding. To address these challenges, IAF and the Mott Foundation created a public-private partnership to put underserved communities in control of projects that improve quality of life, foster civic engagement and contribute to a more robust democracy in Mexico.

Risk vs. Return: Social Impact Bonds and Lowering Returns to Prison

Lessons in philanthropy, investment and innovation: Rikers Island needed $10 million for a program to reduce the rate of teenage inmates returning to prison. With the innovative financing structure of the U.S.’ first social impact bond, New York, Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg Philanthropies leveraged private capital toward social solutions.

Areas of Opportunity in Opportunity Zones

Opportunity zones offer investors the chance to reduce capital gains taxes by investing in areas high in poverty. But the legislation came with a small window of opportunity, and critics see a lack of visible development thus far. What’s the greatest chance of success for residents and investors? How can the challenges be overcome?

The Many Names and Global Reach of Socially Responsible Investing

What is socially responsible investing? Is its increasing momentum sustainable? And are international commitments to ESG practices making an impact? Darden Professors Mary Margaret Frank and Pedro Matos discuss issues related to this popular phenomenon.

Three Things: What Is Impact Investing?

In this Three Things video, Darden Professor Elena Loutskina discusses three important aspects of impact investing.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women: A Public-Private Partnership

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women initiative was launched as a $100 million initiative to foster economic growth by providing female entrepreneurs with business education and access to capital.

A Special Bond: How to Generate Social and Financial Returns

Can social impact bonds — a new and unique public-private partnership that raises private capital to invest in programs designed to improve social issues?