Marketing & sales

Streaming Video Series: Originality, Personality and Loyalty

Darden Professor Anthony Palomba discusses how consumers perceive streaming services based on the companies’ original series, and how those series inform customer loyalty and the value viewers place on a brand associated with shows they find appealing.

Good Disruption: AI + Entertainment

The proliferation of AI has given rise to fear of job replacement across many industries, including entertainment. The WGA and SAG-AFTRA went on strike, including in their demands protection from the use of AI by studios. Is this a real or perceived threat, and what is the potential impact on the consumer experience?

Media and the Public’s Limited Advertising Attention Span

Advertisements used to be an inevitable companion to entertainment. The industry thrives; the average American consumes about six hours of media a day. But as methods of media consumption change, the audience is not necessarily captive. So how do advertisers find creative ways to get their messages across and people still willing to receive them?


Leverage the potential of artificial intelligence, the value of first-party data and the power of stickers: Darden Professor Raj Venkatesan discusses the importance of personalization and data-driven marketing — and offers his blueprint to navigating the marketing revolution.

Too Many Choices: A Model to Predict Open-Ended Consumer Decisions

New research uses neuroscience to examine how humans make decisions and presents a framework — proven to have startling accuracy — to predict what choices we’ll make under what circumstances. Darden Professor Zhihao Zhang discusses the role memory plays, as well as implications of his groundbreaking research for brand awareness and beyond.

The Personality Traits of Streaming Services: What Roles Do Original Series Play?

In the streaming service entertainment wars, how does competition for original content affect a brand? As they reconsider revenue sources, how can industry leaders and advertisers reckon with instability and build the right niche?

Netflix and Potential Game-Changers

The streaming industry is changing. Netflix is adding ads … in ways you might not expect. Amazon Prime knows what TV shows you watch on Amazon Prime. They also know the brand of your toilet paper. Advertising + Consumers = Changing.

Brain Scans on the Witness Stand: Revolutionizing the 'Reasonable Person' Standard

There are often different opinions between judges and juries in trademark cases about how similar the brands in question actually are, leading to large inconsistencies in the application of the law. Researchers propose a more scientific measure through the use of brain scans.

Ad-Free or Ad-Full? Streaming and the Media Diet Dilemma

Media streaming services have irrevocably changed advertising, and ad-free and streaming services are forcing advertisers to throw old models out the window. What comes next?

4 Steps to Building Your Brand: How Student-Athletes Can Win With NIL

Just as a successful organization has its own brand, so can a person, and it’s intertwined with reputation. That means on and off the field in the case of student-athletes, and now that they can make name, image and likeness (NIL) deals, they need guidance on how to build and manage that brand wisely. Here are the four major steps in the process.