Harris is an expert on both ethics and strategic management. His research centers on the interplay between ethics and strategy, with a particular focus on the topics of corporate governance, business ethics and interorganizational trust. Harris has written extensively on the topics of executive compensation and other governance-related topics.

Harris worked as a certified public accountant and consultant for several leading public accounting firms in Boston and Portland, Oregon, and served as the CFO of a small technology firm in Washington, D.C. He consults with several top financial services companies on the topics of strategic management, ethics and compliance.

He recently published The Strategist’s Toolkit, a primer on strategic thinking, with Darden Professor Mike Lenox. He also co-authored the recently published paper “Model-Theoretic Knowledge Accumulation: The Case of Agency Theory and Incentive Alignment” in the Academy of Management Review and a forthcoming paper titled “A Comparison of Alternative Measures of Organizational Aspirations” for the Strategic Management Journal.

B.S., M.Acc., Brigham Young University; Ph.D., University of Minnesota