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Toni Irving

The Guide to Getting in the Room Where It Happens

Have you ever shown up to a meeting thinking you’ve got great ideas, piercing insights and the motivation to make a positive impact, only to discover the decisions you thought were still on the table have already been made? You’re left wondering if you were the only person who didn’t know. How did that happen?

Diversity Equity and Inclusion: Foundations and the Future

The social unrest of 2020 brought new attention to long-simmering issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the U.S. and around the globe, and prompted many to seek to learn more about longstanding societal inequities — and potential paths forward. Six Darden professors deliver their thoughts and share additional thought leadership.

3 Essentials to a More Inclusive Hiring Process

Diversity, equity and inclusion are imperative. How can companies — and the individuals in them — ensure the kind of inclusive hiring practices that will lead to a genuinely equitable and diverse culture? Darden Professor Toni Irving discusses problems and solutions for hiring and developing diverse talent.

Community-Led, Sustainable Development in Mexico

Grassroots organizations are engines for transformation but lack stable funding. To address these challenges, IAF and the Mott Foundation created a public-private partnership to put underserved communities in control of projects that improve quality of life, foster civic engagement and contribute to a more robust democracy in Mexico.