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Sean Martin

6 Ways Business Leaders Should Prepare for 2022 and Beyond

University of Virginia Darden School of Business faculty share ways in which business leaders should prepare for 2022.

Ethical Leaders: Holding Teams Together in Adversity

Leadership matters more in challenging times. How does a team’s captain preserve confidence and commitment to the group, even when performance dips? New research shows that successful team dynamics may have a good deal to do with ethical leadership.

A Sense of Entitlement: From Childhood to the Workplace

People born to higher social class can make good impressions, be confident and end up in leadership. But they’re also geared to self-interest rather than collaboration. Research examines ties between childhood and current social class, mobility and entitlement; what this may mean for opportunity equality; and how it can be detrimental for firms.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion: Foundations and the Future

The social unrest of 2020 brought new attention to long-simmering issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in the U.S. and around the globe, and prompted many to seek to learn more about longstanding societal inequities — and potential paths forward. Six Darden professors deliver their thoughts and share additional thought leadership.

Why You’re Probably Hiring the Wrong People

Americans cherish the idea of the truly self-made man or woman. So why does an elite pedigree often win the day when it comes to hiring for the top jobs? What prevents managers from rewarding those who make the leap from one social class to another, and more importantly, what are we missing when we favor the well born?

What ‘Social Class Transitioners’ Bring to the Workplace

Valuable: employees who can connect with diverse people to improve relationships, facilitate information flow and communication, increase coordination and reduce conflict. Research shows that “social class transitioners,” people who move between socioeconomic classes, can bring a special skillset to the workforce.

UVA Football: Fanning the Flames for Fans

Football is typically a major source of revenue for university athletics departments — so when game attendance shrinks, money’s left on the table. In this case in point, Professors Sean Martin and Jim Detert discuss ideas UVA explored to energize the fan base, as well as tenets of any strategic turnaround.