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The Smithfield Acquisition: ShuangHui Buys the Whole Hog

Famous for producing pork products, Smithfield Foods had a history of aggressive growth. But when that growth stalled for a matter of years, it was time to consider acquisition by ShuangHui International. This case in point discusses the pros and cons and strategic considerations that went into the international deal.

11 Key Characteristics of a Global Business Leader

How do you learn to conduct international business effectively? Professor James Clawson shares the 11 key characteristics of a global business leader.

The Power of One: East Meets West in Strategy

Competition is defined by the relationship between its constituent parts: action and response. The two are as interdependent as day and night; they exist within the context of one another, together creating one totality.

Eastern Philosophies, Western Strategies: Strategic Intuition

To thrive in a global economy, managers need to be aware not only of linear analytics and Western economics, but also aspects of Eastern philosophy, like letting go of desire and control — perhaps unexpected lessons at a business school.

Advice From the Trenches: How to Lead Multicultural Teams

Multicultural teams are rightly extolled for their creative and world-wise solutions. But they also come with a unique set of challenges.

Becoming Ambicultural: Managing Business and Beyond

An ambicultural mindset applied to business, or to any enterprise, embraces the possibility for long-term relationships among multiple parties, from managers and policymakers to industries and customers, from organizations to societies and nations.

Virtual Culture and Leadership: How to Manage Long-Distance Teams

Darden Professor June West discusses The Economist Intelligence Unit’s “Foresight 2020” research report that outlines five key trends in business for the next 15 years.

Growing Family Business in Emerging Markets

The Asia Initiative of Darden School of Business recently hosted a forum leveraging the expertise of both scholars and family-business owners from the U.S., China, Hong Kong and other Asian economies, who shared perspectives on how family businesses can achieve healthy growth in increasingly global markets.

Star-Spangled Shoppers: International Politics Drive Buying Choice

Darden Professor Raj Venkatesan discusses the effect nationalism has on consumer behavior during international conflict.