The novel coronavirus has spread around the world rapidly. What can be learned from countries already confronting outbreaks? And how do organizations, employees and leaders function in a world in which operations must continue but face-to-face may be impossible — the grand and growing telework experiment?

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Operations & Technology

Three Things: Better Project Management

In this Three Things video, Darden Professor Yael Grushka-Cockayne explains the questions a manager can answer to prioritize and execute projects more effectively.

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Social Impact

Stakeholders look to businesses more than ever to make a positive impact on society — from leading important social conversations to building the communities where they operate. Darden experts examine leading ways business can make an effective social impact and shine a light on those organizations leading the way.


Women in Business

Darden experts provide insights into the value of diverse teams, how organizations attract and retain women, and how workplaces can become more inclusive environments that empower female employees to pursue their purpose as leaders at every stage of their careers.


A Bite Out of Apple: What Happens If You Lose Strategic Talent?

When Apple’s longtime design guru Jony Ive announced that he’d be starting his own agency, it meant major change. The situation serves as a case in point for any organization whose success rests on strategic human capital: If strategy is intrinsically tied to talent, how does a firm support that talent or proceed if that talent disengages?