The National Debt Project

The above video discusses the origin of the national debt, how spending priorities have changed and why excessive federal debt is a concern. In the early 20th century, federal spending focused on defense and education, while today much of the budget goes to social security and health care, with the threat of rising interest payments lingering. The video continues by outlining mandatory versus discretionary spending, the imbalance in health care spending for treatments versus prevention, the economic situation facing young adults and the current political climate.

Do You Understand Why the National Debt Defines the Future for Millennials? was created by 20 graduate students in multiple disciplines across the University of Virginia in a cross-disciplinary seminar led by Professor Mary Margaret Frank, academic director of Darden’s Institute for Business in Society. Frank was awarded the Aspen Institute Faculty Pioneer Award for her innovative work teaching business school graduates how government and business can work together to solve problems and create opportunities. 

Professor Frank teaches in the Executive Education programs Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers and Management Essentials for Developing Leaders

About the Faculty

Mary Margaret Frank

Frank is a tax expert. Her most recent research examines international tax settings. More broadly, her research focuses on the effects of regulated disclosure on corporate management, investors and entrepreneurs.

Her expertise in regulated disclosure focuses on tax, financial accounting and patent reporting. Additional academic interests include the integration of business... Learn More