Data & analytics

The Mathematics Behind Exploding Offers

The “exploding offer,” a job offer with a near-term expiration date, is a technique some hiring managers use to increase the likelihood of acceptance. But does it do what it’s designed to, and under what conditions? New research answers these questions based on game theory and mathematical modeling.

The Foreseeable Future

Data science is used to predict everything from crimes to Yelp reviews. Darden Professor Michael Porter is leading the practice of predictive modeling, finding patterns in human behavior in hopes of benefiting society.

Mechanism Design: The Essence of Modern Problem Solving

Sixty years ago, famous American economist Leonid Hurwicz did groundbreaking research about the economic mechanisms theory. Today, Darden expert is interested in designing mechanisms to solve big challenges like energy usage and traffic flows.

Artificial Intelligence: Marketing’s New Moment of Truth

Darden Professor Rajkumar Venkatesan proposes four steps for marketers to develop an AI “canvas,” through which they can deploy machine learning technologies to compete for customer attention.

5 Keys to Creating an A1 Analytics Culture

How successful firms use data: Car insurance comparison site drove completion rates thanks to its analysis of customer behavior and web traffic. It serves as a case in point on the five key traits of organizations with exceptional cultures of experimentation.

Using Big Data: 3 Reasons It Fails and 4 Ways to Make It Work

Darden Professors Raj Venkatesan and Kim Whitler have found, in their research, seven key lessons that apply to all companies, whether they are “native” in data analytics or have transitioned into it.

Markdown Management: In Pursuit of the Optimal Discount

In new research, Darden Professor Manel Baucells argues that retailers can grow profits by cutting prices sooner and more deeply than conventional modeling suggests.

Long-Term Care Insurance: Who Should Care?

Considering the high probability that an individual will require long-term care in some form or another, is an LTC insurance plan the best approach?

How Consumers Think: A Model to Predict What They’re Willing to Pay

From a gym membership to a sandwich at the airport, it turns out the question “What are people willing to pay?” is complex. A new model will help companies and managers better account for the most prominent anomalies in consumer behavior.

Nudging the Entrepreneur Down the Startup Path

Research by Darden Professor Samuel E. Bodily suggests several new ways to encourage entrepreneurs teetering on the edge of launching a high potential startup but fearful of the financial risks involved.