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Race as a Resource: Strategies to Assert the Asset of Racial Identity

Research shows that racial stereotypes undermine opportunities and diversity enables organizations to build relations with stakeholders. Here: four strategies to assert racial identity as an asset — mobilizing identities to the positive, challenging stereotypes, building bridges, and helping people navigate microaggressions and do their jobs better

Six Critical Factors to a Global Career

The Darden editorial team recently sat down with alumnus Scott Price (MBA ’90), executive vice president and chief administration officer of Walmart International and president and CEO of Walmart Asia, for a discussion on how to best prepare for a global career path.

Growing Family Business in Emerging Markets

The Asia Initiative of Darden School of Business recently hosted a forum leveraging the expertise of both scholars and family-business owners from the U.S., China, Hong Kong and other Asian economies, who shared perspectives on how family businesses can achieve healthy growth in increasingly global markets.

Giving Voice to Values: COVID-19 Conflicts, Creative Solutions and Collaboration

In a world beset by the COVID-19 pandemic, we face situations that test our deepest values. And when a threat to personal safety triggers the fight or flight response, our values-based decision-making is at greater risk. Mary Gentile’s Giving Voice to Values framework can help prepare us to be our best selves in trying times.

When Political Becomes Personal: Sensitive Racial and Cultural World Issues

During rising tensions between the U.S. and China, what happens when one professional makes a comment on Chinese innovation that offends his colleague? Professor Ming-Jer Chen offers a discussion of context and complex cross-cultural problems, an understanding of which can aid in appropriate action when no clear-cut answer may exist.

Financial Globalization and the ‘Locust’ Myth

In a world of increased financial globalization, foreign investors have a bad reputation in some circles, sometimes being labeled “locusts” for what’s been seen as their plaguing effect on local companies and economies. But new research by Darden School of Business Professor Pedro Matos and three colleagues may soon turn that idea on its head.

Expansion in Foreign Markets: When in Russia, Go Russian

Emerson Process Management obtained a strong foothold in the Russian energy market despite the country’s almost Wild West economic and political conditions.

Diagnosing Discrimination in Your Company’s Customer Service

Eliminating discrimination from customer service has been historically difficult, even for organizations with stellar service reputations. Is there a way for companies to better identify their breakdowns and eliminate discrimination from the fast food drive through to the hotel lobby?

7 Things to Keep in Mind About the US Economy in 2017

University of Virginia economics professor Edwin Burton and Darden finance professor Richard Evans share their expectations for 2017, what they are encouraged by and what they are worried about.

Minority-Owned Banks: Past and Present

From the Civil War and Reconstruction to Martin Luther King Jr. and Richard Nixon to Jay-Z and Killer Mike: Darden experts discuss the history of minority depository institutions, the integral service they provide diverse communities and the challenges that still exist.