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Vivian Riefberg

Go Time: How Leaders Can Learn to Manage Crises and Uncertainty

Leading in the face of crisis and uncertainty is a different practice from daily management and decision-making. But good managers can learn to anticipate and manage through such high-stress experiences and embed lessons learned in the enterprise. A Darden expert shares best practices — do’s as well as don’ts — for successful crisis management.

What’s the State of Women in Leadership?

The state of women at work has been at the forefront of discussions about unexpected consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. But data sets and stories during the pandemic often highlighted trends seemingly in opposition: women’s leadership roles were growing, women in the workforce were declining. Darden experts weigh in.

The Power of an Education Exchange

How can underserved students in the Americas learn technical skills, work in teams and prepare for workforce demands? How can higher education institutions collaborate with governments, the private sector and NGOs to create training programs for students in STEM, public health, climate solutions, agriculture sciences and financial inclusion?

4 Vaccine Rollout Challenges and Recommendations

One of the most complicated mass mobilizations and product distribution launches the world has ever attempted, the COVID19 vaccine is the most effective tool to getting the world out of this pandemic. Professor Vivian Riefberg addresses 4 challenges of the vaccine rollout.

5 Big Questions on Health Care and COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has once again thrust the unusual state of American health care into the spotlight. With a presidential election that could have a dramatic impact on the state of health care for millions on 3 November, Professor Vivian Riefberg considers the state of the industry.