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L.J. Bourgeois III

‘All Strategy is Emergent’: How Eastern Philosophy Enhances Rational Planning

Something happens on the way from a strategy’s creation to its execution: the unpredictable, which can leave many a carefully crafted plan in tatters. Eastern philosophy offers paths to confronting inevitable uncertainty.

The Tao of Strategy: 12 Principles and 4 Action Directives

Western analytical tools are important to the process of understanding industries and competitors, but true insights can be achieved with what the Buddha called beginner’s mind. In this The Tao of Strategy excerpt, the authors explore how Eastern philosophy complements Western strategy-making and offer 12 principles that can inform business leaders

6 Global Business Lessons From Ki Aikido: Energy and Strategy

an businesses learn from Eastern philosophies? Major names like Disney, Dollar General and Men’s Health have implemented principles of Ki Aikido to great success. Professor Bourgeois discusses the concept of ki and the six lessons on energy and strategy one may glean from Kōichi Tōhei’s simple, profound “Principles of Mind and Body Unification.”

For More Successful Mergers and Acquisitions, Play 20 Questions

Mergers and acquisitions can lead to company growth, but they’re also risky and sometimes even destroy shareholder value. Darden Professor Jay Bourgeois offers 20 questions organizations should answer before pursuing an M&A strategy.

Roaring Into the Next Century: Lessons in Strategic Leadership From Aston Martin

How does a legacy luxury brand navigate the twists and turns of changing economic circumstances? There are few one-size-fits-all solutions in leadership, and evolving business contexts may require strategic pivots. Darden Professor Jay Bourgeois discusses leadership and strategy lessons that have driven Aston Martin’s success in recent decades.

Eastern Philosophies, Western Strategies: Strategic Intuition

To thrive in a global economy, managers need to be aware not only of linear analytics and Western economics, but also aspects of Eastern philosophy, like letting go of desire and control — perhaps unexpected lessons at a business school.