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Lynn A. Isabella

A Hybrid Workforce

Coronavirus is driving a permanent shift in working practices, with major corporations planning for a hybrid approach that sees employees split their work hours between home and the office in the longer term. Professor Lynn Isabella shares her insights.

2 Things About Managing Through Change (and 3 Things Others Are Asking)

Change is a concept that organizations live through every day — especially in days since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Darden Professor Lynn Isabella discusses how people interpret change as it unfolds, the stages of adjustment as they make sense of change and how interpretations to change unfold in a predictable pattern.

6 Ways Business Leaders Should Prepare for 2022 and Beyond

University of Virginia Darden School of Business faculty share ways in which business leaders should prepare for 2022.

A Silver Lining: 5 Advantages of Working Virtually

Remote work has its challenges. And research shows that we tend to focus on what we are losing in the midst of change. But as we see the picture of the new take shape, we can positively and proactively see benefits to our situations. Here, experts discuss five advantages of remote work, which we can embrace if we move with intention.

Teamwork: UVA Basketball Coach Tony Bennett’s 5 Pillars of Success

A method in the March Madness: Coach Tony Bennett has built the UVA men’s basketball program on “five pillars.” There may be something to this foundation: With a 29-3 record, the team earned a No. 1 seed for the 2018–19 season. Here, Darden professors elaborate on the pillars and why they work for high-functioning teams on and off the court.

Three Things: Work Smarter

In this Three Things video, Darden Professor Lynn Isabella explains three keys to the firehouse that will lead to more meaningful results.