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Meghan R. Murray

Balancing Stakeholders Amid Controversy

The goal of social justice movements is to bring about deep institutional and community change, and it’s unavoidable that such a massive mission would spark intense debates. But what happens when people bring that passion to the workplace? Leaders need to be prepared for how to handle sensitive emotional issues among organizational stakeholders.

Peloton: Exercising Strategic Thinking for a New Business Model

Peloton disrupted the home fitness space, bringing a boutique exercise experience to users’ homes and reaching a value of $4 billion by spring 2019. It was a complex business model of factors ranging from interactive technology to star power to retail success to connection to a firmly connected social media community.

Runaway success of ‘Hamilton’ shows the power of creating buzz on social media

Before Lin-Manuel Miranda and his hit show Hamilton were on Broadway, he was working to create buzz, connecting with the public through an active social media presence, particularly on Twitter. His savvy use of social media serves as a case in point in how to engage multiple audiences.