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Dennis T. Yang

More Than Flipping a Switch - The US in the World Under a Biden Administration

Professors Peter Debaere and Dennis Yang share what they believe it will take for the United States to reclaim a central position in the world under the Biden administration.

When Governments and the Global Economy Collide: What to Watch

Uncover key insights from Darden experts examining the rapidly shifting geopolitical landscape and how new policies and actions can and will impact the global economy.

Does Anyone Win in a US-China Trade War?

Darden Professor Dennis Yang and Chinese economist Dr. Ha Jiming examine the factors that could influence trade talks between China and the U.S. ahead of a critical deadline for a deal, and predict possible fallout for the global economy if a trade war escalates.

Predicting Unpredictability in Chinese Equity Markets

As Chinese and global markets continue to wobble, Darden Professor Rich Evans and Dennis Yang made clear that there did not appear to be easy answers as to how to avoid the turmoil.

Boom and Bust: China’s Stock Market Turmoil

Darden Professors Rich Evans and Dennis Yang discuss the decline of the Shanghai Composite Index and Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Growing Family Business in Emerging Markets

The Asia Initiative of Darden School of Business recently hosted a forum leveraging the expertise of both scholars and family-business owners from the U.S., China, Hong Kong and other Asian economies, who shared perspectives on how family businesses can achieve healthy growth in increasingly global markets.

Insights on China: How Agriculture Drives Socioeconomic Change

As emerging markets continue to find their places in the global economy, a question remains: What mechanisms are most effective at stimulating economic growth in developing countries?