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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Voice and Class: Speaking Up and Challenges to Social Mobility

Social mobility in the U.S. is increasingly rare. How does that play out in the workplace? Contrary to the arguments past studies posed about workers coming from lower social class positions, the upwardly mobile are just as likely as their high-class counterparts to speak up and share ideas at work. So what could be the barriers to advancement?

The ‘Equal-Opportunity Jerk Defense’: When Rudeness Protects Prejudice

Sexism and rudeness: not mutually exclusive. New research shows that rudeness can hide sexism, as observers may dismiss perpetrators as “equal-opportunity jerks.” Darden professors explain how the phenomenon not only turns bad behavior into plausible deniability, it can also serve as a barrier to addressing sexism in the workplace.

Identity-Based Alienation: How Marketing Can Backfire

What if a product is marketed to you based on one part of your identity? What if you consider that identity marginalized or the marketing is based on a stereotype, whether good or bad? In new research, a Darden expert examines when identity-based appeals are effective — and the importance of really knowing your customer.

Women at Work: The Past, Present and Future

As we celebrate Women’s History Month throughout March, Allison Elias, assistant professor of business administration and author of the book The Rise of Corporate Feminism: Women in the American Office 1960–1990, asks whether all women benefit from efforts to advance gender equity in the workplace, as well as where we've been and where we're going.

Actionable Tactics Toward Racial Justice

People agree that racism is real and wrong, but what can they do about it? With actionable advice, a new book in the Giving Voice to Values series explores how we can move from examining the causes to actively being part of the solution. For example: realistic influence, practically addressing structures, and effectively promoting diversity.

The Stakeholder Podcast: Race in Business and Sports in Society

In The Stakeholder Podcast, Professor Ed Freeman interviews Bill Shelton, who leveraged his success for social good. They discuss race in business, sports in society and how the habits of elite athletes can translate into career performance. Shelton’s EOS helps female athletes translate their success into corporate careers and sponsorships.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Professor Martin Davidson writes on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and how corporate America will chose to invest in progress.

Race as a Resource: Strategies to Assert the Asset of Racial Identity

Research shows that racial stereotypes undermine opportunities and diversity enables organizations to build relations with stakeholders. Here: four strategies to assert racial identity as an asset — mobilizing identities to the positive, challenging stereotypes, building bridges, and helping people navigate microaggressions and do their jobs better

The New Administration and Income Inequality: Strategies and Challenges

Income inequality in the United States is the greatest it has been in a century — a problem the Biden administration has expressed an intention to tackle. While there are no easy fixes, the government plans to focus on several tactics: a $1.9 trillion relief package, taxing the wealthiest Americans and investing in education.

Seven Conversations Leaders Must Have on Inclusion

Professor of Practice Laura Morgan Roberts offers seven conversations, through Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, that leaders should be having right now to ensure a more diverse, inclusive and equitable environment.