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Business Ethics

The Critical Role of Ethical Considerations: 5 Insights From Darden Faculty

These insights from Darden Ideas to Action articles unveil the value of ethical considerations from a variety of standpoints and in a variety of sectors. They contain lessons for business leaders, employees and consumers.

Doing Well While Doing Good: 5 Lessons on Empowered Consumers and Responsible Business

In an age in which the public is actively invested in the values of a company and reputations can change abruptly, corporate responsibility is both a moral and business imperative. Here, Darden experts offer insights on corporate social responsibility and the evolving relationship of business and society.

Cooking (and Uncooking) the Books: Corporate Financial Misreporting

After misstating earnings, which companies come clean? In the aftermath of major corporate scandal, Professor Justin Hopkins takes stock of employee stock option misreporting, disincentives to investigate misbehavior and constraints to integrity.

A Hard Bargain: Race and Salary Negotiations

Diverse companies produce higher financial returns, yet the pay gap persists. Research from Professor Morela Hernandez examines the fact that racially biased hiring managers offer lower salaries to black candidates who negotiate. So what can organizations do to mitigate the impact of racial biases?

Unethical Moves From MoviePass

After several changes to its business model related to its service and fees (some more transparent than others), and a recent decision to automatically restore the subscriptions of customers who had previously opted out of the service, MoviePass has been under fire.

Courage in the Workplace: Why Many Important Behaviors Happen Far Too Infrequently

Darden Professor Jim Detert and Ph.D. candidate Evan Bruno have developed the Workplace Courage Acts Index (WCAI) to measure how courageous each of numerous workplace behaviors is seen as being in respondents’ own work environments, and how frequently each occurs when opportunities arise.

The Business of Ethics: How to Ask the Right Questions

UVA Darden School of Business Professor Bidhan Parmar re-examined Milgram’s audiotapes. What he found exemplifies how both Darden and UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce approach ethics education.

VW Emissions and the 3 Factors That Drive Ethical Breakdown

Darden Professor Luann Lynch peeked under Volkswagen’s hood to determine just how Germany’s premier car maker managed to destroy its once sterling reputation.