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Giving Voice to Values

In the Weeds: A Taxing Values Conundrum

What’s an employee to do when her employer asks her to stray from her values? In this Case in Point, Mary Gentile, Steven Mintz and William F. Miller examine a complex situation in the tricky setting of taxes and the cannabis business.

Digital Learning and Values-Driven Leadership: Why It Works

Why might the digital space be a better place to practice how we can be ready to voice our values? Darden Professor Mary Gentile and Debra Newcomer of Nomadic Learning offer insights on the importance of values-driven leadership development and leveraging online tools.

5 Tips for Voicing Values in the #MeToo Era

Professor Mary Gentile’s Giving Voice to Values (GVV) work delves into how we can tackle values issues. Here, she and Lisa Cannell offer insights to help women and men respond to unintended or uninformed — but nevertheless problematic — behaviors before they rise to the level of reporting offenses.

How to Act on Your Ethics

We’ve all faced situations in which — faced with long odds, tight deadlines, a challenging environment or limited resources — we’ve marshalled our problem-solving skills and figured out how to do what needs to be done.