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Innovation for Sustainability

We Have Ignition: Fusion Breakthrough ‘Exciting’ but Viability a ‘Long Way Away’

The holy grail of clean energy? For the first time, scientists achieved nuclear fusion ignition, a nuclear reaction that produces more energy than it consumes. Darden Professor Mike Lenox, an expert in innovation and sustainability, offers perspective on the breakthrough, its potential and the path emerging technologies take to widespread adoption.

Good Disruption: Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are on track to become the dominant technology over the next 10–20 years. But do we truly understand all the implications of this shift? Are we ready for it?

Climate Change: The Window Is Closing to Take Action

The U.N.’s report on climate change reflects a more dire situation than the world may have anticipated in the 2015 Paris Agreement. We need multistakeholder action — across industries — including government policies and the private sector’s commercialization of clean technologies. Here, Darden experts delve into practical action companies can take.

The Stakeholder Podcast: The Real Impact of Climate Change

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued its assessment report on the increasing urgency of addressing climate change. Here Ed Freeman connects with Mike Lenox on the urgency around climate change and why stakeholder engagement is vital to solving one of the toughest political, engineering and technological problems.

Climate Change Is Having Its Moment: Too Little, Too Late?

November was a big month for climate, with excitement around renewed talks at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) and Biden’s signing of the U.S. infrastructure bill. Yet recent commitments made by governments may not be enough to avoid the inevitable disruption that will be experienced around the world due to global warming.

Empowering Rural Communities in Zambia

Zero access to electricity perpetuates the poverty cycle. In Zambia, one public-private partnership is a blueprint to providing power to rural communities and changing millions of lives. While developed economies rework a century-old, centralized grid infrastructure, developing economies can design electric grids with clean technologies in mind.

The Decarbonization Imperative: How the Entire Economy Can Meet the Climate Moment

Professor Mike Lenox and Senior Researcher Becky Duff at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business talk with the Batten Institute’s Sean Carr about their new book on what it will take to decarbonize the economy. Not just one sector. Every sector. And their insights have big implications for every business leader, investor and policymaker

Post-COVID: An Opportunity for a Greener Future

COVID-19 is a disaster for public health and the economy. Yet there may be a glimmer of a silver lining for the natural environment: By year end, the globe may see the biggest dip in carbon emissions on record. Investment in next-generation clean energy now could restore jobs, provide new ones, drive economic growth and lock in environmental gains.

Communicating Corporate Action on Climate Change: Q&A With Joanna Price, Sr. Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, at Coca-Cola

How should brands communicate their sustainability plans and their corporate environmental performance? Professor June West and Joanna Price, Sr. Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications at Coca-Cola, explore the challenges of developing a successful communication strategy around climate action.

Disruptive Technologies and the Fight Against Climate Change

Business has the tools to solve the global climate crisis, but will business leaders have the will to drive the changes necessary to avoid the worst consequences of climate change?