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Leverage the potential of artificial intelligence, the value of first-party data and the power of stickers: Darden Professor Raj Venkatesan discusses the importance of personalization and data-driven marketing — and offers his blueprint to navigating the marketing revolution.

The Era of Smart Technology: Public Schools Must Transform What and How They Teach

We are in a new era — the Era of Smart Technology — that is going to transform how we live, how we work and how we educate people. Our current education system was built upon principles necessary for the industrial age, and that age is over. This is an existential societal issue, and this new era will require a different type of public education.

Machine Learning: Prediction, Decision and Action

Many challenges in the world could best be addressed if anticipated. Lucky for us these days, Prediction = Machine Learning + Data. Lucky because we’re in a gold rush of data, and our machines can learn with it. Ultimately, across the operations that define a functional society, predictions drive how organizations treat and serve an individual.

Good Disruption: The Virtual Workplace

Remote work comes with emotional, societal and environmental benefits. Employees aren't tied to city centers with high costs of living, and reduced travel will lower greenhouse gas emissions. There are also benefits to firms, with research suggesting that remote workers are more productive. Yet challenges exist. How do we navigate this new normal?

Will You Shape (or Be Shaped By) the Future of AI, Blockchain and the Metaverse?

What place do AI, blockchain and the metaverse hold in the future of business? Where does one start to answer such a huge question? Professors Tim Laseter and Dennie Kim offer framing to help forward-thinking business leaders navigate the digital assets of the present and future.

5 Ways Digital Technology Is Redefining Competitive Dynamics

Digital technologies have evolved from efficient, convenient tools to be the driving force behind a paradigm shift in competition. Strategy expert Mike Lenox discusses five changes in the landscape business leaders are wise to keep in mind.

The Haiti Humanitarian Air Bridge: Facilitating Aid

When disaster occurs in conflict-prone regions, the main objective is to create a safe space for the people in the region, usually by evacuating them. When a country is completely cut off, all basic infrastructure and services within the country are down, there is an outbreak of disease, and the government is run over, how do you reach them?

The HealthTech Hub Africa: Implementing Digital Strategies

Technology and innovation hold promise for addressing urgent health challenges and creating job opportunities. Many African countries have developed national digital health strategies, but implementing them can pose significant challenges. The HealthTech Hub Africa is a leading public-private partnership offering practical, scalable solutions.

Is Generative AI a Disruptive Paradigm-Shifter? The Questions to Ask

Much capital has been lost by chasing false paradigm changes and earnings missed by dismissing real paradigm changes. How can we best identify when the hype is turning to mania or when it underestimates the long-term impact of new technology? We start by asking the right questions.

Good Disruption: NFTs

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet — "just setting up my twttr" — sold for more than $2.9 million. Bored Ape Yacht Club digital art pieces fetch just over $100,000. NBA Top Shot sells digital NBA moments for millions of dollars. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are making this possible. But is it more hype than reality?