Operations & technology

The Food Supply Chain: Weak Links Amid COVID-19

Lean principles have helped successful companies optimize operations and eliminate inefficiencies. Used as a tool, the methodology can create significant value for multiple stakeholders, including consumers. But the COVID-19 pandemic brought into stark relief the vulnerability of food supply chains in major shocks.

Design Thinking, Lean and Agile: The 3 I’s

Design Thinking, Agile and Lean are ways of innovating that focus on building products and services that create customer value and take the risk out of development and delivery processes. But each method has a specific focus and combination of tools, as well as suitability for different projects.

5 Questions on the Controversial Law That ‘Created the Internet’

David Touve, senior director at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business Batten Institute, recently answered five questions on Section 230, the controversial law that many say helped create the internet as we know it.

4 Vaccine Rollout Challenges and Recommendations

One of the most complicated mass mobilizations and product distribution launches the world has ever attempted, the COVID19 vaccine is the most effective tool to getting the world out of this pandemic. Professor Vivian Riefberg addresses 4 challenges of the vaccine rollout.

Welcome to the Post-Information Age

The Post-Information Age means it’s time to take stock of what it means for you personally and professionally. The definition of success of digital products has changed significantly. Here are three recommendations for managers who understand they need to do more with digital.

Hoshin Kanri: A Management Tool for Continuous Improvement

Hoshin Kanri is effective strategy deployment without a bureaucratic air but with a commitment to continuous improvement. Elliott Weiss and Austin English describe the simple construct that increases engagement at all levels, detailing general concepts, basic steps, and keys to successful implementation and iteration.

Process Improvement: Weight Loss

Process-improvement activities may take many forms. One widespread technique is A3 thinking, a structured and easy to understand method for problem-solving, proposal writing and status reporting. Here, an example of integrating the six-step process into one’s personal life: Losing weight and maintaining the results.

5 Questions on the Future of Grocery

While the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have accelerated trends for much of the retail industry, the impact on the grocery world is not so clear-cut. Darden Professor Tim Laseter discusses the state and future of the grocery industry and his “How to Win in Online Grocery” research.

Eye Banking in Ethiopia: A Sustainable Supply

Around 90 percent of the cases of blindness in Ethiopia are avoidable. Restoring and maintaining sight frequently depends on corneal transplants, but those require access, and the global demand is greater than the supply. One partnership created a system to meet 100 percent of the current demand for quality corneal tissue in Ethiopia.

Access to Essential Health Care in Ukraine

Noncommunicable diseases lead to over 90 percent of all deaths in Ukraine, many of them preventable. With technological advancements and the removal of financial barriers, one public-private partnership is working to deliver essential services to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment and medicine to patients at little to no cost.