Operations & technology

Good Disruption: Online Learning

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) provide an online education platform reaching a global audience of millions of learners. Concerns around the rising costs of higher education are increasing the pressure on schools to consider digital offerings. Disruption is underway, but what are the opportunities and risks it poses?

Preparing for a Virtual Future: Teaching in the Metaverse

Professor Marc Santugini, the Blue Ridge Distinguished Teaching Fellow at UVA’s Department of Economics, shares his insights on teaching in the metaverse, in conversation with Darden Professor Anton Korinek.

Good Disruption: Cryptocurrency

The sheer number of crypto options available today suggests significant market disruption is underway. Yet where there is hype, there is also volatility. Is it merely the newness of crypto that is causing this volatility, or does the concern go deeper? What are the benefits and concerns of shifting the economy toward digital currencies?

Good Disruption: Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are on track to become the dominant technology over the next 10–20 years. But do we truly understand all the implications of this shift? Are we ready for it?

On the (Basket)Ball: What Business Can Learn from Steph Curry

Professor Elliott Weiss Looks on basketball star Steph Curry and what business lessons can be learned from his game.

How AI and Machine Learning Are Driving a Planning Revolution and Helping Business Manage Uncertainty

Professor Yael Grushka-Cockayne and the Batten Institute’s Sean Carr discuss how new tools in data science, AI, machine learning and harnessing the wisdom of the crowd have revolutionized how people and organizations plan.

The Metaverse and Its Implications for Our Digital Future

Facebook’s recent announcement to rebrand the company as Meta brought the concept of the metaverse to a much wider audience. Does this emerging digital space represent the next-generation landscape in which millions will work and play?

Supply Chain Resiliency

Professor Doug Thomas discusses supply chain and argues that executives’ focus must shift to balance the historical commitment to efficiency with a renewed commitment to resiliency.

Battling the Resource Curse: Sustainable Development in Latin America

Mining activities support the functioning of society but their benefits are usually seen far from the area of extraction. One public-private partnership leverages the value chain to strengthen the economic ecosystem in resource extraction communities, focusing on both responsible production and creating opportunities for women and young people.

A Quick Queue … or a Long One: Waiting in Line Around the World

Does “waiting in line” need translation, or do all cultures view a wait as undesirable? It turns out there’s cultural nuance to queueing, according to Darden Professor Elliott N. Weiss and colleagues Graham Gillam, Kyle Simmons and Donald Stevenson.