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Strategic Alignment in the Age of AI: The 7 Foundations of Competitive Success

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, a unified team executing a flawed strategy often outperforms those pursuing a perfect strategy with fractured alignment. This principle of prioritizing alignment over flawless planning forms the cornerstone of the seven critical foundations for competitive success in the AI era.

Autonomous Vehicles: A Winding Road Toward US Adoption

As the race for fully autonomous vehicles heats up, challenges remain on the road to widespread adoption. Key to overcoming these obstacles will be consumer acceptance, technological advances, and regulation.

Good Disruption: Autonomous Vehicles

How close are we to fully automated vehicles and how will transportation itself change as a result?

Decision by Committee? Ask for a Show of Hands

The benefits of diversity in decision-making are well-documented. Having different perspectives and expertise produces better outcomes. But those don’t necessarily surface during discussions. How can leaders and organizations get the most from diverse perspectives and enhance the quality of conversations to achieve the best decisions?

Robots at the Helm: The Hidden Cost of Algorithmic Management

Advances in AI and machine learning algorithms that can collect, interpret and generate data are happening fast. What happens when organizations automate managerial processes in pursuit of productivity gains? How might having an AI “boss” make people feel about themselves, their jobs and their status within the organizations that employ them?

Smart Technology, Education and the Future of Democracy

Smart technology will completely change both your way of life and your way of working. We will live in the most disruptive time for the workforce since the Great Depression. What does this mean for millions of lives, for the public school system and for society at large? And what is to be done about it?

Good Disruption: Disruptors Every CEO Needs to be Prepared for in 2024

From the explosion of Generative AI to the evolution of the hybrid workplace, disruption has become the “norm” for business. How will business and society be shaped by disruption in 2024?

Is Silicon Valley the Next Detroit?

Is Silicon Valley the next Detroit? Despite layoffs in Big Tech, there are reasons to remain optimistic that the Bay Area can continue to avoid the fate of so many communities that have seen their prospects dim as their once hot new industry faded. The key is to avoid stagnation by encouraging vigorous competition.

Introducing ‘The Ethical Technologist’

If you are a business practitioner — or own a smartphone — you likely understand the battle marketers, content creators and digital platforms wage over your attention. You are also perhaps conscious of the toll this competition takes on your attention span and mental well-being. How can we change this toxic “attention economy” for the better?

Darden Ideas to Action: Most Read Stories of 2023

Trends and predictions for the AI world. The importance of careful communication. Groundbreaking research using neuroscience to predict human choices. Employee disengagement and what to do about it. The importance of generalists in a tech-driven working world. Darden Ideas to Action insights draw from faculty expertise, books, research and cases.