Entrepreneurship & innovation

The Middle Class of Business: Building Enduring Ventures

Professor Saras Sarasvathy discusses the virtues of the “middle class of business,” what she calls enduring companies that grow steadily but not massively and that create jobs and spur economies. Teaching entrepreneurship is akin to teaching the scientific method to those who aren’t scientists, and the mindset can help solve problems in the world.

Is Silicon Valley the Next Detroit?

Is Silicon Valley the next Detroit? Despite layoffs in Big Tech, there are reasons to remain optimistic that the Bay Area can continue to avoid the fate of so many communities that have seen their prospects dim as their once hot new industry faded. The key is to avoid stagnation by encouraging vigorous competition.

Husk Power Systems: Building a Better World Through Entrepreneurship

Low-cost renewable power: Husk Power Systems uses the world’s largest fleet of solar hybrid minigrids to provide power to remote rural communities across South Asia — with an agricultural waste product. Professor Saras Sarasvathy discusses how entrepreneurship is a method to build a better world and unleash human potential.

Words vs. Actions: Why Innovation Must Be Central to COP28 Discussions

After a brief reprieve during the COVID-19 pandemic, emissions continue to rise, and with each passing year, the work to slow climate change becomes harder. Time is running out, and we need innovation across all industry sectors — and in products, services and policy that paves the way for rapid adoption and deployment of decarbonized technologies.

EMPROPAZ: Financial Inclusion in a Refugee Crisis

To ensure that refugees are able to rebuild their lives in dignity and safety, complex challenges must be addressed. By providing microfinancing opportunities, as well as business and self-care education, EMPROPAZ has transformed the lives of Colombian entrepreneurs and Venezuelan migrants, and by extension, host communities across Colombia.

Is Generative AI a Disruptive Paradigm-Shifter? The Questions to Ask

Much capital has been lost by chasing false paradigm changes and earnings missed by dismissing real paradigm changes. How can we best identify when the hype is turning to mania or when it underestimates the long-term impact of new technology? We start by asking the right questions.

Good Disruption: The Metaverse

What exactly is the metaverse? What are the challenges in building an interactive virtual world? Which technologies will get us there? How will players — particularly younger ones — be protected while engaging with others?

5 Difficult but Feasible Steps to Reverse the Climate Crisis

The effects of climate change are everywhere, yet a coordinated and cohesive response to the biggest threat to life on Earth is nowhere to be seen. While the scale of the crisis leads many to paralysis, experts at this year’s Jefferson Innovation Summit worked to find solutions both dramatic and pragmatic, naming five key opportunities.

Good Disruption: Personalized Health

For many patients battling disease, working with their doctors to find the most effective treatment can be a painful exercise of trial and error. What if you could more precisely choose medications and customize treatment based on people’s genes, environment, and lifestyle?

Good Disruption: AI and Music

Machine learning promises to increase the pace and volume of content released by artists and makes music and composition more accessible to budding new artists. On one hand it helps to feed the seemingly insatiable desire for new content on streaming platforms but on the other, it threatens originality.