Entrepreneurship & innovation

Disruptive Technologies and the Fight Against Climate Change

Business has the tools to solve the global climate crisis, but will business leaders have the will to drive the changes necessary to avoid the worst consequences of climate change?

Companies Innovate More When Their Boards Include Women

Corporate innovation is crucial for value creation. What does that have to do with gender diversity? A new global study shows the real influence and impact of gender diversity on boards; when it comes to greater balance, so come greater innovation outcomes. And the effects may be evident sooner than you think.

Closing the Gender Gap in VC Funding

Raising venture capital isn’t for the faint of heart, but the challenges are magnified for female founders. Professors Saras Sarasvathy and Elena Loutskina share insights on barriers women face to raising risk capital and how to overcome them.

On Words: ‘Disruption’ and Climate Change? They Are Connected

Disruption is essential to economic growth and societal advancement. But a backlash is brewing, and some worry that the pace of new technologies leads to unintended consequences that are too great. Professor Mike Lenox discusses the pros and cons of disruption and the reason the right kind of aggressive innovation is critical to saving the world.

The Rise of Social Robots: How AI Can Help Us Flourish

MIT Professor Cynthia Breazeal, a keynote speaker at a recent Psychology of Technology Conference led by Darden Professor Roshni Raveendhran, shares insights about a new generation of social robots and their impact on human flourishing.

Learn to Code? Yes, Actually: 5 Big Questions on Coding

Is coding an essential job skill of the future? Should MBA students learn to code? Darden Professor Alex Cowan answers five questions on the building blocks of much of our digital world.

Bias-Busting Algorithms: Can AI Help VCs Diversify their Deals?

Studies show that gender bias in the venture capital (VC) industry hurts both female founders and has negative financial consequences for VC firms. Darden Professors Morela Hernandez and Roshni Raveendhran show how algorithm-aided, data-driven approaches can help investors mitigate bias and make better and more equitable funding decisions.

Health Care in the United States: 5 Big Questions on Its Pricey Present, Uncertain Future

Health care in the United State is wildly complicated and remarkably expensive. Paul Matherne (EMBA ’10), a Darden lecturer, pediatric cardiologist and acting chief medical officer of UVA Health, looks at the misaligned incentives at the heart of U.S. health care system.


Odds of survival are slim when it comes to startups. One essential variable that goes into the equation: geography. New research supported by Darden’s Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation has produced the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem quality index, which measures the health of a location based on five key characteristics.

Reimagining Agriculture: A Q&A with Beanstalk Farm

With a global population projected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, food production will require innovative new methods for producing more food, more sustainably. Here, Darden Ideas to Action highlights one company trying to do just that: Beanstalk, founded by brothers Mike and Jack Ross in 2017.