Entrepreneurship & innovation

How Not to Kill Your Innovation: Avoiding 3 Pitfalls of New Product Development

Most new ideas never evolve into profitable innovations. Darden Professor Raul Chao spells out an iterative process for increasing the odds of market success and shares insights on avoiding three all-too-common pitfalls.

Navigating Digital Disruption, Part 1: A Q&A with Darden Professor Michael Lenox

Digital technologies are redefining business landscape, disrupting markets and industries. Darden Professor Michael Lenox offers insights how incumbent firms can start capturing the opportunities offered by digitization.

Q&A: Navigating E-Commerce’s ‘Last Mile’

E-commerce has changed the way business is done — and what consumers expect. But transporting goods from distribution points to customers’ homes is expensive and inefficient — especially in suburban and rural areas. What might the future bring in the way we shop?

Nintendo: Game for a Blue-Ocean Strategy

Does long-term success come from winning the established game or creating the terms of your own? In the multibillion dollar video game industry, 130-year-old company Nintendo competes with a sometimes riskier approach to innovation.

Feeding a Growing Planet in a Warming Age: Decarbonizing the Agriculture Industry

Becky Duff discusses the largest sources of GHG emissions – livestock farming and soil management – and explores the best practices and technologies that support carbon-smart farming. She also discusses the levers and opportunities in more detail with Darden Professor Mike Lenox.

Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age: An Introduction

A tsunami of technology is about to change the way people live and work. In this introduction of the article collection Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age, Professor Ed Hess explains what skills humans need to hone in order to meet the challenges of the near future.

Bringing the Workplace to Life

We’re in a new era in the history of business. The old bureaucratic-machine paradigm isn’t enough for success anymore, and today’s fast-changing economy requires a new framework for the workplace. Here’s what to do to balance changing workplace culture and maintain productivity so organizations and their people can thrive.

Innovations for Fairer Markets in the Era of High Frequency and Algorithmic Trading

The proliferation of high frequency and algorithmic trading began in the late 1990s, ushering in a revolution in equity market microstructure. In a world where small nuances create multibillion dollar opportunities, new markets and market structures are emerging to ensure the playing field remains level.

Innovation: Key to Any Green Policy

Ambitious and polarizing, the Green New Deal brought the climate discussion back to the fore of government debate. But federal policy is not the only driver of impact on this crucial challenge.

Rethinking the Pivot: New Perspectives on Startup Gospel

The “pivot” has become part of startup lexicon. But pivot-thinking may not work for all companies, and substantially changing an organization’s strategy can be difficult and expensive for entrepreneurs. Darden experts weigh in.