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Marc L. Lipson

3 Questions: Financial Globalization and how Covid-19 May Shape Global Capital Markets

What can we expect across global financial markets following the COVID-19 crisis? UVA Darden Professor Marc Lipson and guest Cornell S.C. Johnson Professor Andrew Karolyi discuss international and domestic listings, financial versus real business cycles, and both short-term and long-term implications of de-risking.

Executive Summary: Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins of Analytic Writing

It is not enough to be correct; to be an effective professional, convincing others of your thinking is an essential skill. Darden Professor Marc Lipson details how to communicate clearly and persuasively, avoiding common pitfalls.

Beyond the Alphabet: The ABCs of Analytic Writing

Effective, persuasive analytical writing is a critical management skill. Here, Darden Professor Marc Lipson details how to write with the reader in mind and present ideas clearly and concisely.

Innovations for Fairer Markets in the Era of High Frequency and Algorithmic Trading

The proliferation of high frequency and algorithmic trading began in the late 1990s, ushering in a revolution in equity market microstructure. In a world where small nuances create multibillion dollar opportunities, new markets and market structures are emerging to ensure the playing field remains level.