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Can Venture Capital Attract Human Capital? The Role of Investors’ Reputations

One of the key challenges facing fledgling ventures is recruiting talent. Darden Professor Ting Xu shares findings from his recent study on how investors’ reputations can attract in-demand employees to their portfolio companies.

Does Regulation Chase Away Publicly Traded Companies?

Since 2000, the U.S. has experienced a decline in the number of publicly traded companies, a trend that comes with significant economic risks and implications. Proponents of deregulation cite increased disclosure and regulatory burdens placed on public companies as the cause. Is that indeed the case? Award-winning research examines the issue.

Promoting Globalized Innovation, BIT by BIT

Solutions to many challenging problems, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, require technological coordination and collaboration at the global level. Professor Ting Xu’s latest research identifies bilateral investment treaties (BITs) as a useful policy lever to promote the globalization of innovation.

Supporting High-Growth Startups: Do Investor Tax Credit Programs Live Up to Their Promise?

Investor tax credit programs are often touted as effective ways to promote high-growth entrepreneurship, job creation and economic growth. Professor Ting Xu’s study of angel tax credit programs in the U.S. provides new insights about their impact, raising serious concerns about using investor subsidies to promote entrepreneurship.

US Startups Struggling to Hire When Times Are Tough

Entrepreneurship is a powerful engine for innovation and job creation in the U.S., and downturns are precisely the times in which economies are in greatest need of new ideas and agility. More than any type of business, startups depend on the quality of talent to grow. What has the pandemic done to new ventures in the U.S.?

Job Protection and Entrepreneurship: The Case of Parental Leave in Canada

Does career risk inhibit entrepreneurship? Research from Darden Professor Ting Xu and colleagues shows the effect of leave policies on entrepreneurship and explores the extent to which longer job-protected leave leads to new ventures, creating jobs in industries in which experimentation before entry has low costs and high benefits.

What to Read Now February 2020

Top stories from Ideas to Action in February 2020

Companies Innovate More When Their Boards Include Women

Corporate innovation is crucial for value creation. What does that have to do with gender diversity? A new global study shows the real influence and impact of gender diversity on boards; when it comes to greater balance, so come greater innovation outcomes. And the effects may be evident sooner than you think.

Crowdfunding: Beyond Financing

Crowdfunding is a good way to validate demand for a new product or service — and avoid pumping resources into a doomed business.