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James R. Detert

The High Stakes of Hiring and Promoting: What You Should Be Considering

Hiring and promoting decisions can easily come down to a candidate’s abilities versus “fit,” which can be more about identity and social behavior. Darden Professor Jim Detert presents a case in point on these company-defining decisions — and the importance of looking for clues to spot and overcome implicit biases.

A Love for Leadership, a ‘Meh’ for Management: Fair?

Leadership and management: synonymous? Nope. Both are associated with defining behaviors, and research shows which are consistently seen more positively. But organizations need both leaders and managers to function. Here’s how to ensure the right people are hired for the right jobs.

What Leaders Need Now More Than Ever: A ‘Team of Rivals’

Churchill and Lincoln deliberately solicited the opinions of those who were willing to challenge them. Leaders may be best advised to evaluate where loyalty lies: the leader’s self-interest or the organization’s mission? Professor Detert discusses courageous leadership — necessary to get us through COVID-19.

UVA Football: Fanning the Flames for Fans

Football is typically a major source of revenue for university athletics departments — so when game attendance shrinks, money’s left on the table. In this case in point, Professors Sean Martin and Jim Detert discuss ideas UVA explored to energize the fan base, as well as tenets of any strategic turnaround.

The Critical Role of Ethical Considerations: 5 Insights From Darden Faculty

These insights from Darden Ideas to Action articles unveil the value of ethical considerations from a variety of standpoints and in a variety of sectors. They contain lessons for business leaders, employees and consumers.


Darden Professor Jim Detert studies courage in the workplace — the kind of courage it takes to disagree with your boss, put forth a new plan, confront a negligent co-worker or hold a difficult client to account.

Graduating to the Next Level: 5 Leadership Lessons for New Graduates (and Anyone Else)

Darden Ideas to Action offers words of wisdom from six experts for graduates (and anyone else) on how real people with a real sense of purpose can make the workplace more productive, responsible and, well, happy.

Talking Ourselves Into It: How We Rationalize Bad Choices

When we unconsciously want to justify self-interested choices, we may rationalize with “moral disengagement.” Darden Professors Jim Detert and Sean Martin have studied eight common verbal cues that may indicate we’re disengaging.

Courage in the Workplace: Why Many Important Behaviors Happen Far Too Infrequently

Darden Professor Jim Detert and Ph.D. candidate Evan Bruno have developed the Workplace Courage Acts Index (WCAI) to measure how courageous each of numerous workplace behaviors is seen as being in respondents’ own work environments, and how frequently each occurs when opportunities arise.