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Francis E. Warnock

What’s Next for the Fed Amid White House Transition, New COVID Restrictions?

It’s a pivotal moment for the U.S. and global economies, and the U.S. Federal Reserve holds a key position of influence. Professor Frank Warnock, a former Fed economist and current research adviser with the Fed, discusses the tools available and possible next steps for the Fed as the Biden administration steps in.

When Governments and the Global Economy Collide: What to Watch

Uncover key insights from Darden experts examining the rapidly shifting geopolitical landscape and how new policies and actions can and will impact the global economy.

Wireless Access for Health Initiative: A Public-Private Partnership

The Wireless Access for Health initiative uses computing and mobile technology to improve public health care delivery for millions of people in the Philippines. It’s an example of a public-private partnership that makes strategic use of business’ ability to innovate and scale with the public sector’s understanding of the underserved.

Considering Fed Actions in ‘Messy’ Times

As January draws to a close, the U.S economy finds itself in uncharted territory, with conventional measures of strength such as the low unemployment rate and increasing wage growth juxtaposed with a topsy-turvy stock market, its longest-ever government shutdown and a U.S. president openly pillorying actions of the Federal Reserve Board.

Toward Adequate Housing for All

Darden Professors Frank Warnock and Veronica Cacdac Warnock bring their financial acumen to bear on one of the most pressing needs in the world — adequate housing.

International Monetary Policy and Capital Control Measures: The Way Forward

Darden Professor Frank Warnock shares insights from the 2015 Global Financial Stability Conference and offers guidance on the way forward.