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Morela Hernandez

Wisdom From Female Experts at Darden

As we close Women’s History Month, some of Darden’s many female faculty experts share wisdom on leadership and business. Here they offer guidance in advancing to leadership positions, creating trust, race in the workplace, leading mindfully through crisis and supporting female entrepreneurs in emerging economies.

Cat or Meerkat Culture? Religious Identity Threats at Work

A feeling that part of one’s identity is unwelcome at work threatens an employee’s connection with others and the organization, and a feeling rejection due to religion can be extreme. Here: A framework to think about how people respond when they feel their religious identities are threatened at work, in context of organizational culture.

Keys to Small Business Resilience in Uncertain Times

Faced with limited customer flow, forced shut down of operations and a looming economic recession, the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic leaves small-business owners to make decisions with little idea of what the future may hold. What lessons can they take from the success and resiliency of businesses that have survived crises in the past?

Bias-Busting Algorithms: Can AI Help VCs Diversify their Deals?

Studies show that gender bias in the venture capital (VC) industry hurts both female founders and has negative financial consequences for VC firms. Darden Professors Morela Hernandez and Roshni Raveendhran show how algorithm-aided, data-driven approaches can help investors mitigate bias and make better and more equitable funding decisions.

Graduating to the Next Level: 5 Leadership Lessons for New Graduates (and Anyone Else)

Darden Ideas to Action offers words of wisdom from six experts for graduates (and anyone else) on how real people with a real sense of purpose can make the workplace more productive, responsible and, well, happy.

A Hard Bargain: Race and Salary Negotiations

Diverse companies produce higher financial returns, yet the pay gap persists. Research from Professor Morela Hernandez examines the fact that racially biased hiring managers offer lower salaries to black candidates who negotiate. So what can organizations do to mitigate the impact of racial biases?

Teamwork: UVA Basketball Coach Tony Bennett’s 5 Pillars of Success

A method in the March Madness: Coach Tony Bennett has built the UVA men’s basketball program on “five pillars.” There may be something to this foundation: With a 29-3 record, the team earned a No. 1 seed for the 2018–19 season. Here, Darden professors elaborate on the pillars and why they work for high-functioning teams on and off the court.

Cuban Entrepreneurship and a New Social Context

Early in 2017, Darden Professor Morela Hernandez led a weeklong Darden Worldwide Course of 30 MBA students to Havana, Cuba, in which small student teams engaged with a set of self-employed individuals.

How Leaders Build Trust

If trust is vital to leadership, how do leaders — particularly new leaders — build it? Darden Professor Morela Hernandez advises demonstrating relational leadership first. That means showing you respect your team, will seek their input on important matters and will treat them fairly.

Balanced Decision-Making and the Virtues of Ambivalence

Studies have shown that when people feel ambivalent and don’t know why, they’re prone to poor decisions. In a rush to end the discomfort of ambivalence, they fall back on biased assumptions, misinterpret facts or get sidetracked by irrelevant issues.