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Richard B. Evans

Cooperation vs. Competition: What Do You Want in Your Mutual Fund?

Darden Professor Rich Evans recently published study of mutual fund managers’ performance which demonstrates that significantly different outcomes occur when employees get paid to compete against each other — versus when they are compensated for cooperating.

3 Questions: Exchange Traded Funds and Market Efficiency

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have grown in popularity as a tool for targeting specific groups of investments. How do they affect the market? Darden Professor Rich Evans and Maureen O’Hara of Cornell’s S.C. Johnson College of Business discuss industry ETFs and their influence on market efficiency.

Q&A: When It Comes to Your Mutual Funds, Managers’ Political Beliefs Matter

The importance of a culture that respects different perspectives: What does political ideology have to do with mutual funds? Profit. Darden Professor Rich Evans’ research shows that funds managed by teams with diverse political views perform better than those with similar political beliefs. Here, he elaborates on the study and an important caveat.

Amid Strong US Economy: 3 Threats?

Most economic crises fade quickly into blurry memories, but the same can’t be said of the mortgage meltdown and Great Recession of 2007–09. A decade later, three of Darden’s top economics and finance professors share their concerns of a repeat.

7 Things to Keep in Mind About the US Economy in 2017

University of Virginia economics professor Edwin Burton and Darden finance professor Richard Evans share their expectations for 2017, what they are encouraged by and what they are worried about.

Predicting Unpredictability in Chinese Equity Markets

As Chinese and global markets continue to wobble, Darden Professor Rich Evans and Dennis Yang made clear that there did not appear to be easy answers as to how to avoid the turmoil.

Boom and Bust: China’s Stock Market Turmoil

Darden Professors Rich Evans and Dennis Yang discuss the decline of the Shanghai Composite Index and Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Watch Out for Fairy Tale Returns

Darden Professor Rich Evans' research on mutual fund incubator bias demonstrates the dangers of choosing an investment based on past success.

BizBasics: ‘What Is Diversification?’

Darden Professor Rich Evans discusses the benefits of diversification in smoothing out the volatility of individual investments.