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Peter Debaere

Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation: Inclusive Economic Growth

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation promotes inclusive economic growth by giving developing and least developed countries better access to international trade. A neutral convener between government and business, it provides technical support and guidance, channeling global business knowledge. It is a leading public-private partnership.

More Than Flipping a Switch - The US in the World Under a Biden Administration

Professors Peter Debaere and Dennis Yang share what they believe it will take for the United States to reclaim a central position in the world under the Biden administration.

Is Your Burger Depleting a River?

For years, the Western United States has experienced increasing drought. A new paper by Darden economist Peter Debaere reveals the culprit: beef production. Long-term water security and ecosystem health will depend on change.

The Future of Water

Fresh water is essential for life and commerce, but not always available when, where and how it is needed. Darden experts have a leading role in innovative research, policy advice and education that takes a holistic approach to water management.

An Expensive Lesson in Economics: Trump and the WTO

In the midst of the China-U.S. trade dispute, international trade expert Peter Debaere discusses the ramifications of "President" Trump’s threats to leave the WTO.

The Challenge of Raising Water Productivity

The world faces significant water challenges. There is a finite volume of fresh water that is accessible for human use, and we live in a world that has been steadily growing.

The Economics of Water: A Global Perspective

The scarcity of fresh water will be a major challenge to the 21st century, says Peter Debaere, associate professor of business administration at the Darden School of Business.

Satellite Assisted Pastoral Resource Management: A Public-Private Partnership

SAPARM helps pastoralists in Africa find water through the use of satellite technology and is a leading public-private partnership improving communities around the world.