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Mary Margaret Frank

Low-Grade to High-End: Waking Up the Myanmar Coffee Market

In less than five years, Myanmar coffee went from a low-grade commodity to a high-value specialty sold for premium prices globally. Through training in farming, expertise and training itself — as well as attention to both the supply and demand sides of a market — Value Chains for Rural Development helped farmers and others across the value chain.

The Many Names and Global Reach of Socially Responsible Investing

What is socially responsible investing? Is its increasing momentum sustainable? And are international commitments to ESG practices making an impact? Darden Professors Mary Margaret Frank and Pedro Matos discuss issues related to this popular phenomenon.

Opportunity Zones: 5 Things You Need to Know

Legislation on “opportunity zones” is intended to encourage investment in economically distressed communities by providing significant tax incentives to investors. Professor Mary Margaret Frank and alumnus Ben Cullop (MBA ’11) explain how this new program works and what its repercussions may be.

Insights Into Improving the Practice of Supply-Chain Public-Private Partnerships

The sourcing, manufacturing and logistics within corporate supply chains can benefit from partnerships with governments and nonprofit organizations. These joint endeavors support a range of social and business objectives by employing the expertise and assets of multiple sectors.

The National Debt Project

Darden Professor Mary Margaret Frank discusses the origin of the national debt, how spending priorities have changed and why excessive federal debt is a concern.

DREAMS: A Public-Private Partnership

DREAMS uses a layered approach to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its effect on girls in Africa. It is a leading public-private partnership.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women: A Public-Private Partnership

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women initiative was launched as a $100 million initiative to foster economic growth by providing female entrepreneurs with business education and access to capital.

A Special Bond: How to Generate Social and Financial Returns

Can social impact bonds — a new and unique public-private partnership that raises private capital to invest in programs designed to improve social issues?

The Aggressive Sweet Spot: Income Up; Taxes Down

Darden Professors Mary Margaret Frank and Luann Lynch delve into the world of aggressive tax and financial reporting and reveal a remarkable fact.

BizBasics: "Taxes: Keeping More Money"

Learn three tips to keep more money in your pocket when investing. Professor Mary Margaret Frank explains tax planning for better returns in this edition of BizBasics.