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The Good Disruption Podcast

Good Disruption is a podcast series featuring lively discussion between Professors Yael Grushka-Cockayne and Michael Lenox, sometimes joined by industry experts. They examine cutting-edge technologies and practices, then make personal calls on whether they amount to good disruption, bad disruption or actually no disruption.

Good Disruption: Disruptors Every CEO Needs to be Prepared for in 2024

From the explosion of Generative AI to the evolution of the hybrid workplace, disruption has become the “norm” for business. How will business and society be shaped by disruption in 2024?

Is Silicon Valley the Next Detroit?

Is Silicon Valley the next Detroit? Despite layoffs in Big Tech, there are reasons to remain optimistic that the Bay Area can continue to avoid the fate of so many communities that have seen their prospects dim as their once hot new industry faded. The key is to avoid stagnation by encouraging vigorous competition.

Good Disruption: AI + Entertainment

The proliferation of AI has given rise to fear of job replacement across many industries, including entertainment. The WGA and SAG-AFTRA went on strike, including in their demands protection from the use of AI by studios. Is this a real or perceived threat, and what is the potential impact on the consumer experience?

Words vs. Actions: Why Innovation Must Be Central to COP28 Discussions

After a brief reprieve during the COVID-19 pandemic, emissions continue to rise, and with each passing year, the work to slow climate change becomes harder. Time is running out, and we need innovation across all industry sectors — and in products, services and policy that paves the way for rapid adoption and deployment of decarbonized technologies.

Good Disruption: The Virtual Workplace

Remote work comes with emotional, societal and environmental benefits. Employees aren't tied to city centers with high costs of living, and reduced travel will lower greenhouse gas emissions. There are also benefits to firms, with research suggesting that remote workers are more productive. Yet challenges exist. How do we navigate this new normal?

5 Ways Digital Technology Is Redefining Competitive Dynamics

Digital technologies have evolved from efficient, convenient tools to be the driving force behind a paradigm shift in competition. Strategy expert Mike Lenox discusses five changes in the landscape business leaders are wise to keep in mind.

Is Generative AI a Disruptive Paradigm-Shifter? The Questions to Ask

Much capital has been lost by chasing false paradigm changes and earnings missed by dismissing real paradigm changes. How can we best identify when the hype is turning to mania or when it underestimates the long-term impact of new technology? We start by asking the right questions.

Good Disruption: The Metaverse

What exactly is the metaverse? What are the challenges in building an interactive virtual world? Which technologies will get us there? How will players — particularly younger ones — be protected while engaging with others?

5 Difficult but Feasible Steps to Reverse the Climate Crisis

The effects of climate change are everywhere, yet a coordinated and cohesive response to the biggest threat to life on Earth is nowhere to be seen. While the scale of the crisis leads many to paralysis, experts at this year’s Jefferson Innovation Summit worked to find solutions both dramatic and pragmatic, naming five key opportunities.