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Modern Global Leadership

What Type of Business Leader Are You? Plato’s 7 Leadership Models

In Darden Professor Ed Freeman’s recent book with Oxford Professor Dominic Scott, Models of Leadership in Plato and Beyond, the two professors explore Plato’s ideas on leadership and how his ideas can be applied to modern business leadership principles. 

Greener Pastures: The Great Resignation, Employee Leverage and Company Response

The disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a reckoning by the workforce dubbed the “Great Resignation.” A Darden expert considers how companies can respond when it comes to retaining talent, how employees can negotiate the best deal for a job that aligns with their priorities and how to strategize through a “COVID epiphany.”

Leadership Kindness

Darden Professor Lili Powell shares her insights on leadership kindness and the important opportunity for leading mindfully.

A Hybrid Workforce

Coronavirus is driving a permanent shift in working practices, with major corporations planning for a hybrid approach that sees employees split their work hours between home and the office in the longer term. Professor Lynn Isabella shares her insights.

Rise of the Machines: AI and the Future of Business

The economic base of the postindustrial world is defined by technology and service industries and the rapid way machine learning is changing them. Artificial intelligence’s influence on consumer expectation and business strategy has changed the way the workforce delivers goods and services — and is existentially changing the workforce itself.

The Secrets of CEO Performance and Integrity Hidden in Accounting Data

Professor Shane Dikolli has used analytical modeling and empirical analysis to evaluate CEOs for much of his career, and he and the Batten Institute’s Sean Carr discuss why the insights hidden in plain sight within accounting disclosures have important implications for business managers at every level.

The Tao of Strategy: 12 Principles and 4 Action Directives

Western analytical tools are important to the process of understanding industries and competitors, but true insights can be achieved with what the Buddha called beginner’s mind. In this The Tao of Strategy excerpt, the authors explore how Eastern philosophy complements Western strategy-making and offer 12 principles that can inform business leaders

2 Things About Managing Through Change (and 3 Things Others Are Asking)

Change is a concept that organizations live through every day — especially in days since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Darden Professor Lynn Isabella discusses how people interpret change as it unfolds, the stages of adjustment as they make sense of change and how interpretations to change unfold in a predictable pattern.

The Core of Apple’s Strategy

A Matter of Strategy: The laptop industry is competitive, and the product is highly available and highly interchangeable. Faced with unfavorable market dynamics, how did Apple carve out its niche among laptop makers? What implications are there for other organizations and industries? The answers lie in a capacity to rewrite the playbook.

Quantifying the Quality of Integrity: CEOs, Auditors and Outcomes

The value of a culture of integrity: Using linguistic analysis of public communications, researchers studied which CEOs are likely to mislead investors and fail to follow through on promises. The CEO behavioral integrity index provides systematic evidence of the consequences of low integrity — here’s what it means for auditors and the bottom line.