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Calculating Cost of Capital: 4 Principles

Benchmarks are critical to decision-making. It stands to reason, then, that an investment decision should have its own benchmark: the cost of capital. Here, Darden Professor Michael Schill offers four principles to guide the investor in measuring risk and expected return to estimate the cost of capital.
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The Coming Financial Crisis

Another global financial crisis will come eventually, although when and why the next downturn will begin remains an unknown. So far, regulatory efforts have not eliminated the sources of financial instability.

Crowdfunding: Beyond Financing

Crowdfunding is a good way to validate demand for a new product or service — and avoid pumping resources into a doomed business.

Three Things: Preparing for Financial Crisis

In this Three Things video, Darden Professor and Dean Emeritus Robert Bruner discusses how we know crises will recur and how we can personally prepare for them. 

Long-Term Care Insurance: Who Should Care?

Considering the high probability that an individual will require long-term care in some form or another, is an LTC insurance plan the best approach?

Buy Low-Growth Firms

Darden Professor Michael Schill discusses a surprising investment strategy: Buy low-growth firms. Firms expanding their assets bring a lower annual return.

Watch Out for Fairy Tale Returns

Darden Professor Rich Evans' research on mutual fund incubator bias demonstrates the dangers of choosing an investment based on past success.

BizBasics: ‘What Is Diversification?’

Darden Professor Rich Evans discusses the benefits of diversification in smoothing out the volatility of individual investments.