Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat

Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Hutchison-Krupat is dialed in on innovation. He is an authority on incentives for new product development — an important issue as product life cycles become ever shorter. Hutchison-Krupat is an expert on making innovation strategy work and on collaborative innovations — the processes through which organizations achieve their innovation goals.

His research focuses on the effective execution of a firm’s innovation strategy. Hutchison-Krupat’s recent work has evaluated the effect that various resource allocation processes have on a firm’s ability to innovate, the appropriate use of different performance metrics for collaborative innovation, and the effect of incentives and tolerance for failure on managerial decision-making within an innovation context.

Prior to joining the Darden faculty, Hutchison-Krupat worked for Avery Dennison Corporation in a variety of positions, including financial analyst and product development manager.

He co-authored “Strategic Resource Allocation: Top-Down, Bottom-Up and the Value of Strategic Buckets” in Management Science and “Tolerance for Failure and Incentives for Collaborative Innovation” in Production and Operations Management.

B.S., SUNY Binghamton; MBA, University of Massachusetts; Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

Professor Hutchison-Krupat teaches in the Executive Education program Management Development Program: High-Performance Leadership

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